Favorite Beam

What is your favorite beam weapon?

  • Power Beam
  • Ice Beam
  • Wave Beam
  • Plasma Beam
  • Dark Beam
  • Light Beam
  • Annihilator Beam
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What’s your favorite beam? I personally like the annihilator for its completely awesome special effects.

I’m gonna be murdered by Nat for this…but I like the annihilator best.

Wave is cool too, though.

I never even got to see the Ice, Wave, and Plasma beams. I can’t find a store selling Metroid Prime anywhere. :cry:

The Annihilator Beam is a piece of utter and complete crap. I don’t see how anyone could like such a poorly-designed beam that is almost utterly useless.

That being said, I enjoy the uber-ness of the Plasma Beam in Metroid Prime. There’s nothing more fun than dissintegrating Flying Pirates with it.

The Annihilator might be next to useless in some situations, but in others it rocks. Need to refill ammo on some crates? Use the Annihilator Beam. Want to kill all the Hydlings in the Hydrodynamo Shaft? Use Sonic Boom. Need to take a big chunk out of Emperor Ing or Dark Samus’s health? Use Sonic Boom. Can’t get shots around Mutated Emperor Ing’s gargantuan front leg? Use the Annihilator Beam. Need to enjoy the bestest beam effects ever? Use the Annihilator Beam. Need to completely wreck havoc in multiplayer (like anyone actually plays it)? Let the Annihilator Beam rip. Plus, it looks uber cool. :stuck_out_tongue:
Wow, did I really type all that?

But it doesn’t have the best beam effects… only the Sonic Boom looks relatively cool. Otherwise, it just fires a big black orb of stupidness. And you get it terribly late in the game and it eats ammo like crazy. Plus, nearly every enemy is inherently weak to either the Dark or Light beams, so why use a beam that is only average in strength against them? The Annihilator is only useful against the Emperor Ing, but I didn’t even use it in that battle.

I like Light beam best hides under table

I like using the Plasma Beam, but I love the Ice Spreader.



Charged is so damn cool :smiley: I love firing black blobs :stuck_out_tongue:

Better than the black blobs is the giant useless slug of a black hole!!!

I don’t really like any of them in MP2, so…
Plasma, mainly because it has a really cool charge combo. Hehehehehehe.

:smiling_imp: Burnination! :smiling_imp:

What, you think Flamethrower is good. It’s range is second to everything else!!!

Plasma beam for me. It was awesome on the older games, and its still awesome on prime.

When you think of it, plasma beam had to sound pretty awesome when it was first invented. :smiling_imp:

Maybe if I’d actually played Prime 1, I’d like the Plasma Beam more… Meh.

The Annihilator beam is one of my favorites for the special effects and it’s saved my ass more than that damn plasma beam. >.<

I never used the annilator in MP2 at all apart from doors and empy third form. It’s kinda redundant. It should use no ammo. Then it would PWN!

And plasma would be my favourite from MP1 coz of its sheer power and awesome destructiveness.

Plasma Beam just kicks so much enemy flavoured ass.
And the Annihiliator sucks in many ways. I cant see how Daz can like it…

I sorta agree about the Annihilator Beam sucking in most cases, but it’s so cool I couldn’t resist it. It would be way too cheap without ammo though. Speaking of ammo, try SonicBooming the Hydlings in Hydrodynamo Shaft. :laughing: Good stuff.

All in all, I’m loyal to MP1’s plasma beam. I would’ve loved going through the whole game with it from the start. I could make a long list about why I like it. does anyone want to challenge me?

I challenge you. The Plasma Beam must have started out as a really cool sounding concept, but its been done, over and over. Flamethrower? Check! Burnination? Check! I’m not saying its not a good beam, and I can’t change your opinion, but it’s so unoriginal. That being said, I love the Annihilator.