Fastest game

did you play the fastest game for gamecube???

its F-Zero GX

Yes, I played it. Yes, it’s fast.

What is the point of this thread besides saying “OMFG F-ZERO GX ROXORS SOXORS! AND ITS FAST!!1”? Shouldn’t this be more of a discussion about the good and bad aspects of the game? Or maybe it’s storyline or development in reference to the other games in the series?

lol wtf?. but uhhh yeah what exactly are we supposed to say to this? tell me and i’lll have to say it in my own words…ive played that game…its ok…hmmm i ges to make the topic the least bit interesting…the fastsest to beat game is any dynasty warriors game

Exhibit A: Typical internet slang sometimes referred to as “1337 SP33K”. Common fallabilities in regards to the english language include using various numbers in place of letters and abstract letters (such as x) in place of certain consonants. Also, the type is carless and in haste, hence the change from exclaimation points to the number “1” as the shift key was released pre-emptively.

An im_better, this is talking about F-Zero. Where did Dynasty Warriors come from?

I don’t think fastest to beat was his intention, I thought it was the pace of the game… And I have to agree. F-Zero is awsome! 1k mph > Street racing games > realistic racing games.
Seriously you like driving around in circles? Neither do I, I like near 180 degrees turn, insane jumps, crashing ships, and super rivalries. You get those in NASCAR?

nah, i havent even played the old ones yet, i just play recent ones, and some old ones, like Legend of Zelda, Orcorina of Time, and Metroid Prime

What the hell do Zelda and Metroid have to do with fast racing? >_>;

Lolz, OWNED!

I’ve played it before, and it’s so fast, i couldnt win. I didnt have time to try it out much, but from what i know, it is FAST.

I wish it were faster. And it’s too easy. Stupid easy games… I blame it on Sega.

Ace combat or any jet sim is faster. Many planes can go mach 1,2 or evan 3. so ha f-zero isn’t fastest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since when did Sega get involved in F-Zero Alpha Man?

They helped make it or something like that. Shrugs