Fast Food

What are your favorite fast food places?

  • Mcdonolds
  • Burger King
  • Wendys
  • In & Out
  • PoP Eyes
  • El po Loco
  • KFC
  • Other
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You can choose 5.I choose Mcdonolds,KFC,El po Loco, Pop Eyes,and In & Out.

Since I only know 5… yea.

i pinked 1 because i didnt know it was multiple vote. Wendy’s… McDonalds…fucking gross…how could you eat that shit.

…what about taco hell?

All fast food is shit, but i like Em Cee Donald Fo sho!

I like Taco Bell, Subway, and Chinese

Err… Chinese isn’t fast food you know. Unless you are talking about Panda Express…

I like Taco Bell, because their soft-shell tacos, though sometimes very flimsy and messy, actually taste somewhat like tacos, and Subway, because I like cold subs, and Subway subs I could eat every meal for a week if I wanted to. Then Cousin’s Subs and other sub places are good, too, but there aren’t many around where I live.

I can’t stand McDonalds, because it seems like everything is soaked in grease. Each time I have to take of the ketchup and mustard out in my order just because otherwise the hamburger drips everywhere with that stuff… Burger King burgers taste SO much better than McDonalds. It’s too bad the Burger Kings in my area were managed so poorly that you never got anything near the food you wanted and the buildings were filthy. The one near me was eventually shut down to make way for better-managed restaurants.

BOYCOTT MCDONALDS like me. I haven’t eaten food from there in like 2-3 years. Arby’s and Taco Bell are my favourite fast food places.

What is El po Loco? (crazy something??)

almost none of my prefered restaurants are on this list

taco bell
carls jr
panda express.

ill eat at almost any fast food joint. cept el pollo loco. yuck. boycott el pollo loco like me.

Wendy’s is probably my favourite. Atleast everything isn’t dipped in grease, and thing’s are actually made properly.

yeah, the list was pretty…yaknow…empty…too bad lists couldn’t be changed…course someone out there would abuse that rule…

day one question: do you like samus?

yes- 54
no - 2

day two question (after editing question) : are you gay?

yes- 54
no -2

(everyone groans next day)

Don’t tempt me.

fixes grammar in poll instead, then actually votes

Edit: I would actually add all the other fast food places I can think of on there, but lengthy polls are a little annoying, and the “other” choice will suffice as long as you post what other ones you like.

I like McDonalds in Scottland (although the McD food here in Canada is… different), Wendy’s is OK, and Tim Hortons RULES!

your canadian?

I’m for Taco Bell. But I never really can say no to a Big Mac. =P

I like Wendy’s and Whataburger, those are the best.

Yep, I’m a proud Canadian! Moved from Scotland just over a year ago.

I like mac donalds cause its the only fast food company in holland that I go to and know, but they don’t have ‘frikandels’( don’t know how to call it in englisch) at macdonalds that’s to bad…

me likes kfc, in n out, sonic, taco bell, and subway :slight_smile: