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FAQ originally by Illy on SCU’s p2d board

What is Prime 2D?
Prime 2D is simply a 2 dimensional representation of the core concepts from Metroid Prime. It will include the most of the elements found there, if modified to fit the loss of a dimension.

Is there a demo out?/When will the game be released
At the moment, we are still collecting the needed elements to create the demo. We don’t have a particular day nor month in mind. It should be soon, though. The full game… no idea yet, the sprites and music are well underway but we’re severely lacking in backgrounds.

Where can I sign up?
You can sign up to join the project HERE. Note: you actually have to be good at something.

What platform is it on?
At the moment, it’s only planned to be on Windows.

Can I see some of your sprites/sounds?
The public release of any Prime 2D assets is a decision made by the team member who created it. If they want to show it off, they will - otherwise look at public videos and screenshots.

How will things like cutscenes be handled?
We’re having hand-drawn CG art with limited movement.

Will the tractor beam be a function?(attracting refills to charge beam)

Game Maker: I can’t scan or switch visors, what’s going on?
None of the different visors and beams have been implimented (aside from Combat and Power, of course).

Will the wall jump be in the game?
It’s been suggested many times, but no answer has solidified.

What is the game being programmed in?
Prime 2D is being built in Troid92’s scratch-built NetMission Engine. Game code is being handled by LUA, while the engine itself was built in C++.

Once you’re done with P2D, will you be making P2E2D, PH2D, or P3C2D?
Possibly our most commonly asked question ever… -__- No, probably not. We’ve taken forever on this one, and it’s been a hell of a lot of work. Sorry to disappoint.

I think we should lay a few questions by ‘new people’ that are frequent.
“Q: Will there be thermal and x-ray visors?” etc.

Let’s just add the following question:

“Will there be any items not present from the real game?”

“Of course not. There might even be some new ones as secrets…”


That way, we won’t be answering “xray?” “scan?” “thermal?” “which spacejump?” etc so many times, we can just point to one answer for them all :stuck_out_tongue:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Yes add that. Otherwise we will get loads of topic liek on SCU P2D board hehe


Uh… is this place replacing the P2D board, or is it just a side board?

I believe MH said a while ago this will be the fan board. The development side of things will still take place over at SCU

I figured as much, but one of the sections said ‘post progress here’, implying progress … continued here.

Hmmmm well let’s wait for MH to reply eh?

By the progress board, I meant for use to post topics with compliations of finished resources. Much like some of the topics we have on the scu board. But these compliuations will be for the fans to look at and comment on.

Ooooh. Okay then ^.^

Will there be wall jumps? I leaning towards no, but I’m not sure.

I suggested a while back that wall jumps could be added to represent ghetto jumps, but they didn’t like it T.T

Will P2D enable sequence breaking?

thats something no company wants their game to have…

Perhaaaaaps… >.>

I personally think we should add wall-jumping. Makes it feel more 2D-ish.

If we add Sequence Breakiing intentionally, it really wouldnt be Sequence Breaking, now would it? :wink:


Thats what I was thinking when I posted. Atleast ZM wasnt like fusion…

ZM had the lamest sequence breaking in the series. We don’t want to continue that tradition, now do we?

Well, even if there isn’t SBing in the game, you’ll still have all that secret stuff to look forward too! :wink: