Fangame sprites

Does any body have some good sprites for their fangames?
here is a couple I made.…ersprite5af.png…ngsprite9pt.png
The first one was one of those caterpillar things from the agon wastes, the second one is a hunter ing.

off:neither link work
on:I had one but i deleted it by accident :blush:

power bomb guardian
not the sprite i had but I made it.

They dont work?! Thats frickin retarded because I clicked on them and they worked!

Heres mine.…ncrabani1ie.gif (final) (last one is the one thats to be used but i havent made a sheet yet.)

Note: Both of these sprites are P2D exclusive and and can not be used for anything else.

Your sprites rock!
Here is one of those plant- like doors that you have to shoot in the begining of mp2 and a splinter.
There is also the spider gaurdian.…dergaurd6iu.png

Does anybody have a clue why my links arent working?!

Your Tallon Crab is so cute! :smiley:

All of my sprites so far are……ergaurd23tk.png

Any I need to do better on?

enimes from my Fangame.(coming soon to a forum near you)
Normal,angry and possesed

Uh… What are those enemies?

They are (secret name) they are enimes from my new fangame They are normally bigger and you’ll see a lot of them…

They look like the spiders from the Armored Core games. I think that you shade them more. :confused: Not that I could do better. :smiley:

They reek of laziness. I mean the sprites Dom Master made of course.


Seriously Dom…do you know a man named Don Hertzfeldt? (If not download Rejected by him). Honestly I don’t know what they’re suppoused to be but they’re not really something I’d consider good. It’s an ok effort and hey don’t take anything to heart seeing how I’m not such a good spriter.

There’s my demo re-edit. I’m gonna try to do a better one when I’m more awake.

good sprite aura

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Ehehehe… If I posted all the sprites I’ve made for fangames this topic would run out of its allocated link space.

Let’s see… space pirate, shadow pirate, beam pirates, flying pirate, chozo ghost, elite pirate, omega pirate, alpha pirate, beetle, ice beetle, and that’s only for P2D.

What else… Darius, Fesarl, Sentaris, grakheg, Quad XB2, and Delta Pirate… for my various fangames…

And a few for Metroid Arena and then some random MP2 sprites for ‘mp22d’. Blood Pirate, Covenant Elite (SHUT UP. I DON’T CARE IF METROID AND HALO SHOULDN’T MIX, I LIKE ELITES. THEY REMIND ME OF PIRATES! ),Elite Commando… Then MP2. War Wasp, Pirate Trooper, Pirate Commando, Pirate Aerotrooper, Pirate Grenadier, Dark Pirate Trooper, Dark Pirate Commando, GF Trooper, Dark Samus, Tallon Metroid, Dark Tallon Metroid, Quadraxis, Grenchler, Emperor Ing, Emperor Ing Chrysalis, Mutated Emperor Ing, Nightbarb, Inglet.

I think that’s it… I’ll get links later, but it’ll obviously take me a while.

:O_O: Wow. That’s a lot of sprites.

Full sprite sheets?

Daz=Insane. Period.

Ive also done a Zergling sprite, although its not finished :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are mines:

Chozo Statue for The2Dmetroids, he did the outline, so I have to color it. It required heavy work… outline was very symetrical and not accurate to a chozo statue, it looked like an eye-glass chicken o_O"

Grouetanos, also for The2Dmetroids. He told us to make our own enemies by imagination using the name he gave them so this Grouetanos sounded much like a bony blogg. So it came out pretty cool, but still I gotta do the red one that matches the red skulltera (theyre supposed to be parents).

Metroid Prime sprite for P2d, but never got finished and was cancelled.

Mumbo, a creature from MII, done for Sephi’s MII remake in colors, fusiony style.

Plated Puffer sprite done for P2d, its finished but I still gotta recolor it to look like Puffer.

Sheegoth! my first sprite ever! it has improved alot… although it still has its mistakes. For P2d

Ehm, these are random explosions for P2d, but I actually dont think they will ever be used :wink: (I actually think they suck)

Tallon Overworld tiles for P2d that wont be used because I didnt know the Tallon tiles were being done by Joba :wink:

Lastly, the unanimated zergling. Inspired by the art from SC:Ghost, here: . Search it for yourself. Im still not satisfyed with it. (SP?)

I had a Viggo Mortensen face sprite, size 20*20 i think, but I erased it.

Thats all, enjoy =P.