Fangame Question

Like the description says, how do you make a game? Do you use some special computer software or what? :confused: :confused: :confused:

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to get TGF (download) go Here. go to the products section and find “the games factory”.

if u want gamemaker go Here. go to downloads, then GM6.

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There’s also rm2k3, but you’d have to find it on rpginfinity. v_v

If you are new to game design, use TGF or if you like RPG’s use RPG maker.
Game maker is for people who are more advanced in game design.

do anyone have flash MX 2004? :confused:

Advanced? Try C++!

Thanks. I downloaded the TGF, using it!

If you will need any help at all tell me what you need and i will try to make you a tutorial.

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heh i want TGF for free too :confused:

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I don’t have Flash MX 2004 but I want it. :unamused:

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