Frist of all hi eveyone :slight_smile:

I this fan game call metroid prime:return of the metroids

the basic plot is:

Samus is in an uncharted area when her computers dectect unsalu bio sighs on a plant so she goes and checks it out when before she could land she was shot at and was hit.
landing what looks like could be another chozo ruins she explores for a wile until a metroid pop up and attacks from behind and knocks out samus varia suit,morph ball etc.
all your left with is power suit, and ice beam>

so tell me what you think.

I think you should rewrite that so it’s actually understandable…

And please, don’t use Prime in the name. Reusing titles like Prime, Fusion, or X is really just unoriginal.

No, its readable, just not verry well scripted the name is stupid and so is the general idea, but this is a Metroid game…

If you could improve your storyline and title I would gladly help!

ROCK ON!!! icon_deformed.gif

ok,ok,ok so i admit its very bad.

any ideas for new tilte then???

and get back on the plot k but do need some help would any one mind???

I got a good name!

“Metroid 6”

you should try to spell correctly too… anyway, hope this game turns out good