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Hey Everybody! I’m making a Sprite Comic and want to know what YOU think of it!


Hello Extreme. I voted no, 'cause frankly, it’s not very funny. Comics must be funny.
BTW, you might remember me as Darkmoon.

Nope. Not funny at all. Plus it seems kind of plain, and well…I just don’t like it much sorry.

I didn’t actually read the comic yet, but… Who says comics have to be funny? Most non-sprite comics and quite a few that are sprited are just for the storyline.

Of course, maybe his tries to be funny and fails. reads

Edit: …

Let’s see.

Extremely blatant Kabs ripoff, check. Lame attempts at humor, check. Stupid cliches like omnipotent authors, check. Horridly boring graphics, check. Nonsensical storyline, check.

This sucks.

Reminds me of Mason McCoy’s comics…
Not in a bad way, mind you.

Hey, I’m getting there! The 4th strip had comedy in it, you have to give me credit for that! Besides, I’m introducing Kraid as her side-kick in the next few strips, so BE PATIENT! Besides, I’m making this as a Planet Zebeth Guest Comic, so SILENCE! Not rip-off, extention of!

Check the comic out and see for yourself.

maru mari

this is a funny comic, samus and her idiot companion houston
also, fonzie!

I’ve seen all of those. I’m almost to Samus’ sidekick…so close. Just need to get yelled at…

Your comic isnt funny! I just dont appreicite any comics that dont have an oringial idea. your idea isnt oringial I can name 100 comics that follow this formula your using…

I didn’t PLAN for it to really even START being original until strip 15 or so.

I guess i`ll see… :confused:

And there is SOME originality in the first few, like when Samus abandons her suit. How many sprite comics do THAT?!?

Your new at this arent you? How about Mocktroid? Didnt Planet Zebeth do that a couple times now that is oringial and funny.

No, Planet Zebeth didn’t have her abandon her suit. Mainly 'cause kraid’s a perv in that one. So she always keeps her suit on. In fact, I KNOW no comic has done that yet…Unless you’re talking about something else…

shakes head

*Aura shakes his head as well…

Mocktroid, She gets her bikini ripped off in that one. Although it is a flash movie it still is a funny type of Metroid Entertainment. As in this Mocktroid:

Mocktroid: Disco Mission

BNote: this is a remake of the first Mocktroid

Now that`s oringial.

i have seen the mocktroids long time ago and mocktroid prime or the lost episode is not done yet…

Such a funny series…