EXE7 project in need of new members!

Some of you may already know about the fangame Rockman.EXE7 going on, in an effort to at least wrap up the loose ends Capcom left us with. But it seems we’ve hit an unfortunate low: if the team doesn’t get more help, and relatively soon, the project is closing. Here’s the scoop.

I’m sure we’ve got at least a few EXE fans here in P2D, so why not see what you can do? The spirit of EXE needs your help.

This is the original post.

I’m a huge fan of MegaMan.
Can I join? :confused: (Spriter and\ or layout\ developer.)
And you are welcome to join my
MegaMan fan game if you’d like.
(And don’t get in to this Dazuro
dum dum!)

I’m sure we’d be delighted to have you, though I can’t tell if you’re making a post or a poem. Just sign up on the boards and see what you can do to help. Come one, come all.

I don’t know if you were serious or not (dum dum? wtf are you, 8?), but it is never a good idea to make fun of an admin… Sorry but there is not much I can contribute your your megaman project, good luck though.

10 you fucking idoit!
Not 8.
eyes roll up

Hey Satan,

how come your forums won’t let me continue
in the process of signing up?
The check box “thing”(I couldn’t think of the word!)
is retarded and the error notes show up for absolute
no DAMN REASON I can think of.
Can ya help me?
Clicking & typing

This isn’t the sort of question I usually respond to, but actually, the reason my forums won’t let you sign up is because I am pure evil. That’s right, the check box “thing” (I couldn’t think of the word either!) is just bugging the hell out of you to spite you.

PS Next time you address me, please make your question something like “What is the best way to rape my neighbor’s dog without anyone finding out?”

Best wishes from the Lord of the Underworld :wink:

Is this game gonna be like the other “Battle Network” games?
Y’know the 3-D areas and the annoying RPG like virus and net navis.

Did you come to this topic JUST to say that one
STUBID thing?


You know what? Fuck it.

You just refuse to listen to a single word we say.


I[/color] d[/color]o[/color]n[/color]'[/color]t[/color] t[/color]h[/color]i[/color]n[/color]k[/color] h[/color]e[/color] k[/color]n[/color]o[/color]w[/color]s[/color] w[/color]h[/color]a[/color]t[/color] y[/color]o[/color]u[/color] m[/color]e[/color]a[/color]n[/color]

Desperate though we may be for more team, I can’t honestly say that was much of a loss.

Wow, you went through all that trouble for this guy?

Though I have to admit, the Satan account thing was pretty funny.

I actually had the idea before I knew where I was gonna post it, and then I was bored, so I did it in the first place I could (the color thing).

Also, lol Satan >_>