Everyone Draw: Samus

its simple!

pick a square, draw it, post it
(be sure to say which one(s) youre taking)
and i’ll add it to the picture

you can do multiple squares
just dont do it in the same style/color and whatnot
mix it up!

also dont pick 2 next to each other!

once all the squares are taken, i’ll post the finished product!
(please only post the piece(s) you do, and nothing else)
((yanno, like combined pieces <_< that’d be lame))

youre free to use the colors you want, but stay with the shape!
shade it and color it freely, but the shape needs to match up, yanno

obviously the white squares
are blank

ONE of them, however, i’ve chosen to be the background chosing square, guess correctly, and you get to pick the background!

squares not taken


D6, because I’m lame like that.

I’ll Take A1, cause there’s no WAY I can mess that up.

lazy bastards xD

no, I just suck at drawing.

yeah, but neither of you even picked an empty one for the background picking thing

did you read the post entirely, yo?

Yeah, but I didn’t feel like doing nothing at all. :wink:

i noticed cuz youre still not done xD

i take c1

Actually, I finished within 5 minutes of posting. I’m just too lazy to upload.

Since this is more or less art, doesn’t this belong in the art section?

i really wasnt sure, cuz im not actually posting art
its a community thing
so i just went with general

its failing miserably tho, even the people who took squares DIDNT DO THEM O_O

I would join in, but I doubt my artistic abilities.

thats my piece, nothing fancy

it doesnt have to be is the point of this
all the different styles and whatnot, yanno?
(i used only colors from a sprite, btw)

Haha wow. Only one guy actually made a piece :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have to whip up my tablet later and draw another un-taken piece~

and im the one that started it, too >_<