i need refs for the parasite queen
but ive started Flaahgra (need some more refs)
and i cheated on the rotation so i need to fix them up


so if anyone has good or epic refs of any of the bosses i’d appreciate it

Hmm. I’ll look for ones of other ones, Refs for Flaharga are hard to come by. Good ones anyway.

even harder for the Queen xD

oh hai

I found refs for him. On my hard drive. Because I took them myself. Someone’s gotta take pictures in order for them to be on the internet. Maybe that’s why they’re hard to find. :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, make good use of those images I got for P2D’s sake sooo long ago.

yes, thank you for the refs ^^

oh hai

i got the Parasite Queen model…



you have no chance to survive make your


im surprised the community isnt a bit more excited about this project <_<


Nah, I’m kidding. Very, very nice, CMC. You’re already ripping through them, I see.

given that I have only seen him sheet like 2 things, this speed isn’t really surprising

i realized my ridley wing needed alot of editing xD so yeah…
next time he pops up to say hi youre gunna see a huge differences in the wing shape

as for how many things ive sheeted

what about all my troid’s?
ive done all the basic troid evolutions, and the quuen… which still needs its remake finished…
plus Prime ;D
and my phazon…
and my bunch of other troids…

and those are just the ones of MFM xDDD

but yeah
more then 2 xD

once i get Rundas in on this it should move a bit faster ^^

and thank you

I’m not very excited about this project.

you are a LIAR

I’m very excited about this project.

i still need to work on the top jaw for PQ’s roar
and need more references for Flaahgra’s body
an im re-working (and making the rest)
of MR’s wings ^^

Fagra’s head looks a little small compared to the body >.>

Fagra the gay centipede. Mmyes…

Incidentally, all of the references I gave you are two pictures, since they’re interlaced. Sooo, if you use MS Paint’s black-and-white mode and the Fill tool to make a large sheet of horizontal one-pixel stripes and cover up half of a reference, you’ll see just one picture!

looks like Ridley shall be the first to be finished

You gave my position away. I am in school and read your post, and lol’d.

Rundas…that is win.