Every Extend


There’s the link. Here’s how it works (in case you’re too lazy to read the manual, as I was):
z blows yourself up, arrows move you around, and x resets the game if you’re playing (hold it down)
Objective: Make huge chain reactions with enemies. You blow up, then enemies your explosion hits blow up, then enemies that explosion hits blow up, etc.
Different blocks:
White - Explodes, gives you points. Nothing special.
Green - Drops a green powerup, which also gives you points.
Red - Makes enemies come faster. Allows for huger chain reactions. Tip: After you collect 6, they stop coming. Try and see if you can get 7 or 8. My record is 9 =D
Yellow (with black ones circling them) - Shields when it first appears. When you kill it, it’l drop a yellow block, which gives you 10 more seconds (more time = more points, usually)
Yellow and Black (a single block) - Explodes, with a delay. The explosion is about twice the radius of yours, and if timed correctly, you can use this block to pull off MASSIVE chains. More on this, later.

I only know 2 of their 3 names, but okay.
Light Boss (Name?) - Dodge bullets, try not to die, but DO NOT EVER hit him unless you make a chain. Bosses are your big chance for huge chains. If you’re not afraid of the time limit, and you just want a humongous chain, wait a while on the boss, and (well, on the Heavy boss, at least) you can ALWAYS breach 50.
Heavy Boss (KW MOTOR) - See previous.
Secret Boss (AB-A JUDGE) - If you don’t want to know how to unlock this boss, how to beat him, or anything about him, cause he’s a secret boss, then stop reading NOW. Well, not quite now. Just read this handy tip from the manual, laugh a bit, then stop reading.

The Judge.
Quality and Quantity attack you.
That judge you...

[+]Steady Power
[+]Things help self

Now, stop reading.

This boss you can only fight in Heavy Mode, if you meet one fairly simple condition: get 8 or more quickens. Pretty simple. Here’s how to do it: When you have 5 quickens, wait for a red box to appear on the screen. if it reaches the edge of the screen, get between it and the edge, and knock the quicken back in. The powerups from enemies will fly in the direction opposite of the explosion. Then, wait for another. Do the same to it. As soon as you see the third quicken, depending on the speed and closeness to edge of the quickens, you may either want to kill the red enemy first, or pick up the quickens you have laready first. You get the idea, though, I hope.
Now, you’re fighting the judge. It’s scary, huh? He’s the secret boss!! Don’t worry. Be attitude for gains. You can only hit his first form with a chain of 20. Stay a good distance away, and when it looks like there’s a good 20 chain coming along, EXPLODE. Time is a very important enemy in this boss battle. You should take all risks, but never fail. Perfection is of the essence. A different tip comes into play after you kill the first form. THINGS HELP SELF. Pick up the yellow powerup he dropped, and maybe some green ones. Get ready now… his second form has a 25 chain, and the enemies that show up are smaller on average. However, his shots should be slightly easier to dodge. Take your time, and win. Again, help yourself with things. 3rd stage is 30 chain, with small annoying enemies flying from both sides of the screen (That’s why it’s called pincer). This time, the enemies will be the hardest things to dodge, and the chain will be ridiculously difficult to conjure up. If you lose, this is where you’ll lose. Try, however, and you’ll do it.
After this, the colosseum, and that’s reaally easy, if you don’t run out of time. There are 50 thousand blocks, and when he shoots his barrage at you, just make a chain off of those. Simple. Then, I forgot what stage. <_< I’ve only beaten him once.

You can start reading again >_>
Here are some tips from the manual.
[+]Light - Beginner class

[+]Don't miss. Blow up self instead!
If you miss, stock -1 and rest time -5sec.
If you blow up self,stock -1.
You know! It's better to blow up self than to miss!

[+]Collect red item all!
Gain red item as possible as you can!
Make situation that is easy to earn score!!

[+]Spend MUTEKI time!
When self spawn, self with orenge aura is MUTEKI(no-damege)
Move to safe area before aura dissapear.

[+]Light - Medium class

[+]Make chain in a lot!
Keep slow enemies in screen!
Blow up self just when enough enemies come!!

[+]Check your hit area!
Hit area of self is ONLY center core.
You can dodge between enemies!

[+]Collect green items in a lot!
Collect green item at once to gain more score!
1 item gain * 6 times = 4800 points
Continuously 3 items gain = 800 + 1600 + 2400 = 4800 points.
You understand? Ok?
Collect at once!!

[+]Enemies have MUTEKI,too!!
Middle-sized enemy and boss with orenge aura is MUTEKI(you can't damege!)

[+]Light - Advanced

[+]Control item direction!!
Item appear opposite to the explodion.
Especially Near the edge of screen,be carefull!
Don't miss important items!!

[+]Try! 7 or 8 red items!
If you have 6 or over red item, red enemies don't come into screen.
But If you have 7 or over red item, more enemies come into screen.
Think how to gain 7 or over red items yourself!!

[+]Earn score in boss battle!
Boss chain bonus is more important than you think.
Keep as many enemies as you possible, make chain!!


[+]Continue chain!!
Chain continues as long as explodion
Blow up self continuously to more chain!!

[+]Keep carefull of stock
In 'Heavy Mode',extend condition is hard. so you can spend less bombs than 'Light Mode'.
When you can't earn, dodge by your soul !!

[+]Attention to suicidal bullet!!
Enemy show you when it's destoryed.
You usually can dodge it easily,but attentive in mixed fight!!

[+]Use a enemy that explode late!!
The enemy appear, after it is involved in a explodion, it explode late.
Think how to use it!!

Last thing: Here are some challenges to try:
No points - You can beat the game without earning a single point… if you’re lucky, and good (at least, I think you can). Just survive until the boss, but be sure to lose a few stock. Then, make NO chain onto the boss, and beat him. You must end up with 0 stock, and a small small amount of time. I’m not SURE if you can get a 0 time bonus, but other than that, this is definitely something you might want to try.
No arrows - Beat the game… but don’t move! This is just a bunch of luck, but if you’ve got time to pass…
Max chain - Try to get ridiculously huge chains! My record: 91
Max score - Get a high score! Simple. My record: 1,891,560 The creator knows people that got over 3 mil. Beat THAT.
Max quicken - Get over 6 quickens! As I’ve said, I’ve gotten 9, but I’m positive you can get 10. Just have to be lucky.

Try other stuff, too, and post your thought up challenges here.

PS: Extends are lives. You get them for every certain number of points you earn. Look at the right of your screen to see how many you need.

Score: 2,101,150
Chain: 91
Quicken: 9

E2 wins. Like HELL. <3

ummm how do I use this.

I added a little section for records. If you post here, I’ll add a section for your own personal records.

Omg, 10 mb’s? Convince me that the game owndizzles foshizzle.

Are you calling tetris a bad game?
Or every single arcade game ever, for that matter?
Arcade games aren’t supposed to be big. But they ARE fun.

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its fun, this is proof that a game doesn’t have to be complex, just to have fun with it, way to go, it is awesome!