Evangelion Unit 01

I started this last night, went to bed, and came up with this in the afternoon. I know that the leg(especially the lower leg) needs to be a longer and that the shading on the leg sucks, I put it there as a place holder, rather than just having an outline. Also note it is the left leg, not the right. Give me your critique please. Do not use in what ever game or comic or what ever you make, just don’t use.


… Wow. That looks… really, really good. Did you use any special tools for that, or was it all sprited legit? O_o

Nice dithering by the way, but the box… thing looks kinda odd. I’m not too familiar with the design, so maybe it’s supposed to.

It was legit(aka I used MS Paint and made it from scratch). My friend, annihilator, was giving me ciritque all this morning and I just took his advice and looked at alot of reference pictures. By box do you mean the extra thing around the arm? Anyway, the only thing that should be wrong is how long the leg is. Right now it looks really wierd because of that. I need to finish the Umbilical(power) cable and shade it too, and add some other things. I suppose I will update it later.

0_o evangelion i personally despise that, but the sprites are good

A beast has just entered the forum. It’s awsome, and I’m somewhat a fan of evangelion. The only thing that bothers me is that your pallette seems a bit redundant. There are about 4 dark shades of purple that dont really add much to the look of the sprite, since the lighter shades of purple are more heavily contrasted. It’s still an incredible sprite, but the contrast seems a bit off.

that thing…is effing badass.

i do concur with flyin rooster, the legs do look a bit small, but the shading is nice =)

i still cant believe u did that in 1 day.

Lol, I actually joined a long time ago, I just don’t show up so often, as I have been really busy. Anyhow, thanks for the good comments. About doing it in one day, if you think about it, 6 or so hours is plenty of time to make a good sprite. I just made the outlines, shaded in, got some critique from my good friend(who pwns me at spriting), fixed it, took a break, etc. I started it at night, which really helps (I mean around 12:00 at night) because it is so quiet and calm. Or, at least it helps me. Anyway, I have been gone for the holidays, so I haven’t been able to work on it. I am at my grandma’s right now, so when I get home, I will pick up where I left off.

i think he was actually talking about the sprite… lol.

I was about to say… I’m not that good. But I decided to hold my tounge and take the compliment, lol. I always make wierd mistakes about what’s directed at what, lol.

Lol. I wasnt refering to the sprite…not that the sprite isnt beastlhy thoguh. Anyhow, I hope you’ll continue to post stuff. We really need some activity on this forum (graphics).

Uh, why hasn’t this topic reached 1000 posts yet?

It’s only the best piece of spritework we’ve seen in a few months, I guess, but still, you’d think there’d be more posts here.

I’m guessing everyone just missed it, lol.

I am realllly sorry. With school back up I am really busy and I can’t work on the sprite. I will try to sometime, though.

Lol, does anyone remember these(Daz might)?
They were my first sprites and I tried to get them used in game, lol.
Sorry about bringing it up, just thought I would though.

Lol, wow. How long ago did you make these? They’re very good for an early sprite work.

i remember seeing those when i was browsing the graphics board for cool stuff to look at… funny how much better they’ve gotten.

They have gotten better? No wonder I remembered them sucking worse than that, lol. I’m pretty sure the first version made them look boxy. Either way, I think those war wasp sprites are a piece of junk =p. Anyway, yeah… I will try and update soon, if I ever find enough time (I only get a few minutes to psot this every day =p).

Way to break the chain, HP, lol.

Alright, UPDATE! I fixed how the foot looks, redid the shading on the foot, lower leg, and alot of the torso. I made a feeble(sp?) attempt at making a hand. I will fix how it looks soon. Here it is:

You’re really good at this. Keep it up!

I willl, but, heh… The hand, IMO sucks, and it needs to be purple.