Well, some of us arent the best programmers and 1 of them is me and I was wondering if anybody knows were to get a good metroid engine for game maker v.6?

       (>")><("<)  - kirby hugs!!!!!!

I heard that the P2D source code was going to be released after the game comes out, but who knows when that will be. :confused:

OH BOI! I iether need to improve my programming skills or we might not see my game for like 2 years!!!

No linkz but I do know a good C++ Engine.

POOPY. Seems I’m out of luck.

Oh! could you add a link, I program in C++ :slight_smile:

i just found a metroid engine by shaw and made in TGF

send the TGF engine to me, I use TGF Pro and a registered version of GM6. :unamused:

Can you send it to me too? I whant to see what it is like. :smiley:

me too plz. if u can. thanx. if not, can somebody else?

What’s TGF? :blush:

Well its already made… but, its completely customizable… because it s C++ so here ya go…


Word of the Wise download the Level Editor and Time Attack.

shall i send them by email then PM me your email who wants to test it and it was like something to get metroids frozen and off

Oh are you talking about the one in Metroid Fan mission?

oh yeah it was that one