Emulator or console?

Which do you use?

  • Emulator
  • Console
  • Both
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I use both, though mostly console. I like console, but I don’t have a SNES and don’t know where to find one, let alone SM.

Console. Illegality and ROMs suck.

i use both, i use SNES and GBA emulators (Snes9x and VisulaBoyAdvance).

I am kinda tempted to use a SNES emulator to get Super Metroid and some other games though… I can’t find them, but I have a SNES.

SM sucks on the emulators, hell, most do except RPGs. Keyboards simply weren’t meant for that kind of gaming.

Unless you have a gamepad.

In any case, I only use emulators for Japanese-only games or ones too old to find in stores. ^.^ Downloading a modern American game is no less than stealing.

SM is pretty easy to get a hang of on the keyboard, and it works perfect for me, only about 10% of the time i play is choppy and stuff. and i can’t find it anywhere in stores, and it’s free, so i got it.

I use both, but I highly prefer Console over the Emu. I only use Emu’s to play GBA games that I don’t have. I also use the Emulator to try out the game before I actually go and buy it, so I don’t wind up paying 30 dollars for a game that I trade in for 5 dollars-worth of credit…

I use both since I have a game pad but I prefer the console.

Side-scrollers on the PC are much better than on a console. I grew up playing Jazz the Jackrabbit, so I might be a little biased. :stuck_out_tongue: The way I see it, if the company is no longer making money with the console/game, it’s perfectly fine.

i use both, it’s alot easier to develop on a console when you can run things quickly without having to resort to the timely process of trying it on the console you’re developing for

I use emulators for GBA, GBC, NES, SNES, and formerly N64. If you have a USB controller, it’s awesome. Using a keyboard to play Roms is not fun in the least.

I prefer both
GENESIS,SEGA MASTER SYSTEM,NEO GEO,NEO GEO POCKET,Wonderswam,Virtual Boy,PSOne(sort of),nad more(forgot which ones)

question: what’s an emulator?

Its basically a program that lets you play console games on your computer.

oh. then i shouldn’t have voted both

I use emulators mainly for metroid games, and pd games,sometimes i get so me real good games but i prefer console over emu

Emulators are cool and all, but its hard to find one on the net that works properly, plus to play newer games you got to get your computer’s graphic’s supped up.

I use both. I don’t think the keyboard controlls are all that bad, either. They’re quite easy. I’ve even beaten some games on an emu. (I’m sure other people have too)

I only play old games on my computer and new games on my console…

where can you get one of these emulators