Emperor Ing's Sprites

This is one of the first sprites that I have done…

Umm…I think you will have t tell us what it is before we can really evaluate it. :wink:

Errr, it’s a four legged creature, I don’t know what to call it yet, sorry.

it actually looks pretty cool, reminds me of a Sidehopper, pretty good, maybe even great, I dont know, why its just I like it1 Posibly because its well shaded has a good shape and looks scary, like halloween :laughing: :laughing:

It looks like two of those delicious gummy candies with the frosting surrounding some sort of rocker Goth amoeba.

Thanks Got_Metroid, and Sartan, that didn’t make any sense.

It made perfect sense. Allow me to diagram.

Gummy frosting thing - X-TREME amoeba - Oh good lord a second delicious thing.

that look really cool. what is it?

… He already said that in this topic.

i known but do he have a name for it.

No I don’t have a name for it yet because when I first made it I wasn’t even sure what it was. It’s a robot thing but I have yet to name it. Anyway I made a sprite sheet out of it so here it is

so its some type of machine that shoot fire and laser out

Yes it’s a robot…thing, give feedback please.

why don’t call it quad cdx prototype

That actually looks pretty cool now that it’s sheeted.

that looks awsome!!! :smiley:

Thanks, I’m thinking of adding some more things to it soon, but I’m not sure what, yet.

you could ge it to hover that would look awsome :smiley:

thats pretty nice, good job :smiley:

I just realized it needs a walking sequence , I’ll go get to work on that.