Emperor Ing Picture?

Hey fellow Metroid fans! I love all these fan logos and I really want to make my own. Does anyone have a picture of the Emperor Ing for me? I’d really appreciate it if you could. I need something with the head-mouth area clearly shown and could be cut and sized down into a logo for below my name.

Thanks in advance!


Lol, another Emperor Ing…what a coincidence
Well there is the picture in my sig, but I don’t want you to use it, I’ll google it for you…

Gah! That is strange :confused:

I thought I was seeing double in the online users bar…

Now I kinda wish I had my username as Quadraxis or something… Because I see tons of pictures for other ones.

Lol, I thought someone had gotten my account before I signed in, lol,
I can’t find that much on him, but I’m still looking.

K. Take as long as you want because I’m looking at other things around here too…

I was looking through the Samus.Co.Uk screenshot files but nothing on him is in there. Also checked most of Metroid2002’s files…

Anyway nice to see a fellow Ing fan… Oh yeah you’re Emperor Ing and I’m Emperor_Ing, but the difference in namebar is like a centimeter of blank space so it doesn’t matter :confused: :confused:


spamin it up yo…

Dude, one of them’s name is Emperor Ing, the other, Emporer_Ing

Yeah, I had this same problem when there was a member here named Dark Samus, and my name is Dark_Samus, and lets just say some confusion occured between which was which.

As for the EI pics, good luck trying to find any. Google gave me nothing for EI pics, and altavista was just as useless.

and there is one named Dark Samus2 now.
Well don`t get off topic

How far down was this topic? >_>

When I was still active…

This topic has been dead for almost two months. There IS no topic to get off at this point. And all you did was make that worse, because your post had even less to do with the subject than the others, save MP’s blatant idiocy.