Elfen Lied

my greatest musical creation xD
the Elfen Lied opening theme Lilium
get it HERE
though there is a small error raight before it switches to the music box <_<
i think i accidentally deleted some notes on a track or two…

you’ll see… er… hear <_<

enjoy xD


nice! I really enjoyed that anime btw. I don’t quite remember the real version so i can’t tell how accurate yours is. Good job though!

the opening chime is… off…
but yeah
i just re-downloaded it
put it on my watch =3

i watched elfin lied… i didn’t like it much.

your obviously not a fan of…

  1. amnesia
  2. blood
  3. violence
  4. under aged girls
  5. awesome mutations
  6. killing
  7. awesome story lines
  8. epic twists
  9. sad songs that people call “pretty”
  10. confused pervertion
  11. normal perversion
  12. fuckweird psychos xD

ok, im bored xDDDD

Don’t remember any of that in Elfen Lied…

ok, so i lied about #10

its sad :frowning:

I remember that anime…it can be summed up really easily
Blood. and Tits.

you forgot something


ehh. i think that blood and tits does a pretty good job on its own.

i remember watching it like 2 years ago before my tastes had been refined and before code geass had entered my life and i didn’t like it, now however upon my recent re-watching of it i do like it. although and this says nothing really about the anime y favorite part of the whole thing is that song, although I’m a music nerd so whatever

Blood, Tits, and Jealousy?

Damn, I might want to actually check this out. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, seriously, I might.

Good find and all that, CMC.

I haven’t really been into anime lately, which is why I was hesitant to give it a shot.

the Dub is actually better than the jap version

its here

… what’d i find?
the anime?

its been around since like… 02 xD

Thanks, Syntax.

I prefer jap, but I’ll take a look at both of them.

There have been cases where I’ve preferred the dub over the jap version (Neon Genesis, anyone?).

I generally prefer Dubs just because I like hearing the english although there have been times when I prefer the sub (Shakugan no Shana for instance, main character’s a loli and she sounds like someone our age in the dub)

best dub ive seen is full metal alchemist
most dubs just plain suck
bleach dub is pretty good
but takes away from the Rukia multivoice thing…

i’ll take subs anyday
its also given me a really fast reading ability xD

subs keep alot of the jokes you cant carry over into english

wrong, the best dub ever is Full Metal Panic!

(I didn’t but the ! in for shits n’ giggles its actually part of the title)

Chris Patton does a phenomenal job as Souske

you should still check out full metal panic!

it wins the prize for humor