edthedestroyer's sprite and pre-sprite thread

A year ago i started a project that has now evolved into Metroid Prime: Return of Mother Brain.

here are the old samus sprites

and these are renders of the new samus model that will become the
sprites used in the game.

and a new pirate in progress codename phazon ninja

Samus’s yellow is WAY too bright. O_O

And that pirate… is a little … too un…piratey, if you catch my drift.

like Dazzy said, the top model is to bright, the bottom one is better, just add in the black lines and other small details. the pirate looks like one of those old japanese anime robots, try to work on that to. other then that good start.

The top model is too bright because that is the O-L-D model. Didn’t you read the post? :stuck_out_tongue:

thats what i was going to say
on the pirate…thats an old WIP
but i could use some ideas on details when i finally get back on it.

The new Samus’s feet are a bit plain. I think if you add more shading to them to make the lines more disinct, it would look a lot nicer. :slight_smile:

the samus doesnt really look like a sprite… more like a 3D image? unless you’re screenshooting 3ds and making them into sprites?

Pretty much, kind of like New Super Mario Bros.

In my game I decided to use a cartoony outline style for my sprites

Minus a few touch ups…heres the Varia Suit

WOWZA! That’s pretty nice.

-Poor gradient shading
-No detail… kind of… >____________________>
-Armcannon is a little big
-What about the circle on the shoulders?

It’s smooth enough and whatnot, but her shoulders aren’t moving at all (side to side that is) It makes her look too… um… dainty.

AWESOME!!!AWESOMEAWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! I need to practice with an animator… if all the sprites will look like the previous post’s, than this game will rock.

Question: Is it easier once you’ve made samus to do all the poses rather than draw sprites?

i haven’t used it, but dont look for the easy way out (not saying you are), in my opinion, i think what really matters is how you want the sprite to look.

gegojr, I would say it can be depending on how many frames to is…it will be precise each frame (components don’t look different frame to frame) Personaly I would say F-YEA but thats just me. The bottom line is your skill level. If you a good spriter-sprite, if your a beginner or really good a 3D-do 3D. 3D is easier to pick-up and you can make a simple but good looking model fairly quickly. But it really all depends on how good an artist you are, eye for detail, that kind of thing.

Coolman…there is no gradient shading intended, read the Metroid Prime RoMB Fangame thread for details on why

Arm Cannon looks honking big because of the camera angle, its the closest to the lens and the rest does the whole prespective thang.

Dude… look at teh shoulders…

im looking at them right now and all i can see wrong with them is the green circle and the small dark circle in the middle.

The varia suit in Metroid Prime RoMB will look similar to this.

Wow…this topic is dusty >__>
My engine was getting to the point where I need some arm-cannon sprites.

Here’s a preliminarily model w/ animation.

Cannon looks nice, and the missile launcher opening is great, but the rset of the animation feels off. Seems too smooth and natural for a mechanism.

Daz…the world is gonna cause you did that o_0

Yea it is a little to smooth now that I think of it. I’ll probably have it snap open with-in one or two frames. I still got a ways to go on this sprite, like glow effects when charging and changing beams.