edthedestroyer's artwork

I like to draw, doodle, pixel animate, 3d model, and 3d animate

dont be surprised if a lot of aircraft show up.

http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/6673/file0001copy4xn.jpgF-4U Corsair, this was one of my entries in a student convention a year ago.

F-4C Phantom II Bicentenial Scheme…Background was found on an image search, but the model and maps are mine


^some jet engine 3D stuff I did for a powerpoint

and of course some whacky gifs

Your really talented, but I think your work could use more contrast in it’s shading. I really like the Corsair.

I have not got into carcoal, the corsair was done by a mechanical pencil with very fine light Graphite sticks ( Graphite and clay, it aent ‘lead’ people, and don’t take my word for it, Google it or something).

the 3D pieces were made before I knew how to use exposure so that does not help and shadows arent turned on.

and the gifs were not meant to be extremely detailed and the gif compression knows down the quality a good number.

thanks for the comments I’ll keep 'em in mind

I’ve noticed you’re all about the shading in your work :laughing:

Dunno why that strikes me as funny, but it does.

Well shading is VERY important. <_<

nice pictures, the corsair puts my f-14 to shame :smiley:

just keep working on it, that how I got better.

and after your done drawing something, go do something for a while (or even leave it for a few days) and come back to make corrections. After a period of time you show be able to spot the inperfections.

thats kind of what i did, i drew it in 3 days, then every few days when i got bored in class i took it out and fixed a few things.

The back of the Corsair seems to be a bit too stubby to me. But then again, that’s just me. Anyway, great work! (Thumbs up)

what do you mean ‘stubby’, I know it has soon issues with the fuselage and the numbers on the front need to be curved with the body, but I don’t know what you mean by stubby, please be specific.

You know, stubby as in the distance between the tail fin and the cockpit seems too little. I don’t know. Maybe it’s giving that illusion because the word “Navy” seems so packed together?

EDIT: Yeah, that was the reason. It looks like you made the word shorter so you could see the whole thing without the one fin overlapping it. I get it. Forget I said anything.

here are should concept drawings I did in school :blush: of a stealth suit for my metroid fangame

These are more of doodles, so be nice

I did a quick ps job on this one/

Ok, Ed, if they’re doodles why do you need them so big? To show off the detail? Doodles don’t have much detail, so…

Yeah, they’re the start of a pretty good design. I’d like to see how it progresses until it reaches its finished, refined product.

Not bad for doodles. Nice design. Not much else to say though.

Yea well I consider em doodles, rough sketchs is probably more accurate.
size wise, new scanner :O_O: REALLY GOOD RES, sorry should have cropped the first like I did the second.

I guess I consider em doodles cause it did not take much time at all to draw.

it doesnt have an arm cannon! :imp: :angry:

OH YES IT DOES, have the armcannon.

Its a mini-armcannon and sword projector thingerrmerbob, on the right arm >_>
look at the RoMB fangame for more info

also in the second pic (on this topic) you can see the grapple on the left arm

so the facilities are the same for the blade as the cannon?

ya kinda, you can attach different mods to the armcannon from your pack near the butt, for say a missile launcher, wave beam generator, etc.

based on what i have heard, it would have to be instant, low powered weaponry to keep the stealth suit able to be stealthed, or able to stealth, otherwise, powerful weaponry that required any types of outer transfers, or charging, or any large power source, would most likely ruin the effect.