Is there any easier game maker than the game maker everyone uses?I tried using Game maker and i got stuck at the object part.So is there any easier game maker program? :angry:


Actually, there probably is. But the easier it gets, the less functional it gets.

Personally, I use an option harder than GameMaker, and I expect to churn out better results in more than one way.

oh ok.i was trying to make a fan game ( i was testing game maker out ) and i got through everything except i just didnt understand the object part :sweat:

Try Multimedia Fusion


i’ll google that :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, you can never just turn on a program, play with it for 5 minutes, and expect to understand everything. It doesn’t work tha way.

You should really use Gamemaker; give it another try. Objects are the main part of your game; like characters, blocks, enemies, etc. You can program objects to do whatever you want it to, by dragging and dropping or by coding it with GML, or Gamemaker Language.

Use the help guide on GM; it’s actually very informative and useful.