duz any1 kno...

is there anyone here who has/ knows of a mzm style tutorial? if there is, that would be great, ive tried to find one, but no luck. and if anyone could find a super metroid tutorial, that would be help to.

It’s kinda hard to find tutorials for styles of particular games. A good way is just to learn it by editing sprites from the game into different sprites while keeping a similar style (eg. turn MZM Samus to Dark Samus while keeping DS similarly cartoony). Do that a while and you’ll master it enough to do more advanced projects with the style.

yeah, kinda makes sense. ill get right on it… later.

actually, that works!

Dude. I wrote a tutorial ages ago. It’s somewhere on this board. Luminous Requested it.

goes to find link

Somewhere in hizzle?


Don’t be destroying the english language, you nincompoop! “Nice” is spelled with an “i” not a “y”. You must also capitalize the “n” because it is at the beginning of a sentence.


lol. just remembering how dumb that sounds. glad he’s banned, though.

Anyway, the way I think of ZM sprites, they rely alot on softening the outline at some points more than others. Looking at the samus sprite, you can see definate outlines at parts and no outlines at other parts. I guess thats supposed to add to the demensions. Never made a ZM style sprite before, so i should stfu.

You have actually. The samus you made quite a while back qualifies as MZM by my standards.