ds lite games

im getting a ds lite today but i have no idea what games i should get for it.

any reccommendations?

i know for sure that im getting metroid prime hunters and pokemon diamond!

Phoenix Wright games 1-3


Mario Kart

Megaman ZX (and ZXA, when it comes out)

Elite Beat Agents (think tappin’ DDR)

New Super Mario Bros.

Castlevania Whateverthenamethey’vechosenthistimeforthedsgame


Here are some of the popular games from last year:
A topic from August 2006.
A topic from October 2006.

To follow up on my post in the August 06 topic, Brain Age is very fun the first 30-60 days you play it (which could last a year), but once you unlock everything the mini-games get to be a bit of a pain. The thing is, though, I really think it works. (With the whole keeping your brain awake and letting it do more mental leaps thing; not only on the days you do the training, but also as lasting longterm effects) That and there’s Brain Age 2 out now, with a more creative focus. The fun lasts a lot longer if you play along with other people, as they always have you doing warm-ups like drawing random things, and then everyone gets to see each other’s results. I recommend getting both, as they’re ridiculously cheap compared to “normal” games.

WarioWare: Touched! is also pretty good. I’m surprised that one was never mentioned.

Looking through my collection… It seems I haven’t bought any DS games in the last year or so. O_o

I need to get Zelda PH.

Zelda PH is amazing (so far). Ever since my DS mic broke I can’t play it cause it’s such an important aspect of the game.

Ooh right, back to the topic at hand. I recommend

Starfox Command
Hunters, yes
Megaman Star Force: Leo and Pegasus (2 sides of the coin)

That’s all I can think of right now.