DS Lite and no games...

well, i walked all the way over to hastings (games/books/movies store) and got my ds… i only had enough money to get the machine, though, so no game. =(

what games do you guys suggest i save for? i already have 2 i want to get the new starfox game and MP:H.

any others? thx for ur input :slight_smile:

Castlevania DOS, NSMB, Sonic Rush, Tetris, Advance Wars DS…

CVDOS is the best of the lot though most likely :E

Look foward to a Mech Assult game for the DS.

It reminds me of Mech Warrior 2, yay!

Dont get the Golden Eye game. It is crap.

add nintendogs maybe ACWW, with a bit of MPP and keep MPH and you’re set.


Check here, too :stuck_out_tongue:

thx for all the suggestions! i’ll need to write em down :slight_smile:

sry, troid, i didnt realise there was already a topic 4 it.

i made a topic for the same thing a while back…that resident evil game for the ds if pretty good…if you can get by the terrible controls and terrible save system

yes! i went out and bought MP:H! its awsome! im on the ice world place and have 3 otholisks!

castlevania ds .its my fave castlevania, its just so fucking awsome! get castlevania dawn of sorrow. i give it 99.9%. some of arias souls that i liked wernt in, like nightmare. other than that, its best castlevania. it is deffinetly in my top 10 games.

not sure if it’s out yet but LOZ phantom hourglass looks interesting :smiley:>

Its octolith not otholisk,
and the ice world is called arcterra.

oh… thx for the correction.

well, ive got 5 of them now. cant figure out how to beat those horrid slinches.

Dunno if you still need any, but…


I’d elaborate, but I don’t want to be away from my precious cartridge for a single second more. <3333

i agree to that, im playing it right now too, it seems a little short though, i beat it in one day (though it was about 16 hours long).

its a wonderful game, that, and the castlevania is good also, i think they both deserve a shot.

also, anyone know how to find your own friend code again?