I guess this game is kind of old, but I just got it today, so I thought I might as well make a topic about it and see if there are any other fans 'round here, eh?

It’s pretty cool… starts off slow, but gets damn good around the third mission. :astonished:

Although I keep having some serious D’OH! moments.

Such as when I was being harassed by three archers… they backstepped as fast as I could walk while guarding, and if I let my guard up they raped me with arrows, and I was having serious trouble hitting them… then, about five minutes and half my health bar later, I remembered that I had the power to summon a dragon capable of roasting thirty men with a single button press…

Those archers seriously regretted messing with Caim, baby. <_<

But, yea. Fun game at any rate. ^^

Is it on PC?

PS2. Decently cheap too.

my bro used to play it and he beat it to. Want any spoilers?

does anyone ever want spoilers? :confused:

I dunno do they?

i dont think they do most of the time…but there are some cases, however rare.

I hate to say this dazzy but dont get to carried away with that dragon. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA