Dragon's Tutorials

-=-=-=-=-=-=Dragon’s Tutorials=-=-=-=-=-=-
–For the TGF Programmer–

Hello everyone, I am here to try and encourage more people to take
a good look at TGF and actually learn to use this program. There have
been many people in the past who say that creating a Metorid game
(or any good game in general) in TGF is impossible. It’s completly
possible to create great games with this, you just need to skills to do so.

I’m trying to help people become interested in this program, and for
this I am going to create a series of tutorials to help anyone interested
get started. So far, my tutorials are not exactly for a person just now
learning TGF. In order to understand them and use them, you must atleast
know the basic functions such as alterable values, counters, and also have
knowlage of most of the events and what they do. I expect to release more
TGF tutorials as I go on. I need your help on what you might actually need
though (such as grapple beam, Morph Ball, Health tutorials ex.).


Name: Camera Engine (updated v1)
Descriptoin: Create multiple rooms and add transitions between them while
only needing one level. This engine allows you to add transsitions similar
to those of Castlevania or Metroid to your game.
Features: This engine includes:
*Smooth scrolling for both horizontle and verticle rooms
*Camera “Boundries” which allows you to customise how the camera will act in each room.
*Less game Space used (every room is not a seperate level)
File Size: 282kb
Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Download: Dragon’s Camera Engine- TGF

Name: Particle Engine
Description: Create simple particle effects to use in your game. This system
us easy yet powerfull, allowing you to make everything from Skree Entrails to
Electric discharges.
Features: This engine includes:
*Multiple examples of how particles can be used
*Easy to use and understand engine
*Basic Events room, describing how to use the engine.
File Size: 220kb
Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Download: Dragon’s Particle Engine- TGF

New tutorials are expected to be released later on. In with each tutorial is an EXE (for those of you who don’t have TGF or use Game Maker) so everyone can test it out and leave comments and critique. Also with the engine is the open source engine, the .gam file. Open up that file if you wish to view the events of the tutorial. I used Edthedestroyer’s post layout for setting up my tutorials, just incase anyone was wondering. If you use any of these examples in your games please remember to give Dragon credit!

Everyone is welcome to post questoins, comments, and critique. Please tell me what you think of my tutorials so far. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried the first one, but I think I broke the second one. XD

If you freeze the window for just a little bit in the blood one, you can get a few extra zombie scientists to appear. If you freeze the window for a minute, ZOMBIE SCIENTIST RUSH KEKEKE. XDDDDDDD

The same ideas apply to the other particle things, too, but not nearly as funny.

However, your examples seem really nice. I don’t have TGF or plan to use it, but it looks like if I did I’d find these pretty educational.

whoa… you can freeze the screen… where was i? :confused: