anyone played it?This game is so great,I thing its better than Doom 3
what do u people think?

The graphics look like shit but it is pretty good.

not really…graphic style for it is pretty good

Well i guess you’re right but I have pretty high standards for 3d graphics.

If anyone calls Super Mario 64 bad graphics… I’d shoot them, so I have nothing against bad graphics, and DOOM was a great classic.

yup…its not about the graphics,its about gameplay…and
if anyone ever calls Space Invaders BAD GRAPHICs I will shoot them

To judge a game by its graphics, look at when it came out and compare it to other games of that time. Doom’s 2-D rotating sprites were GREAT for its time.

And gameplay over graphics is true indeed. Graphics and music don’t matter much unless they’re so extreme that they affect the gameplay. Meaning, if a game burns your eyes out with pink, yellow, and neon green textures, then there’s a problem. Doom obviously doesn’t have that.

ive been saying that for years

neons burn eyes?


looks for his eyeballs

I think he was probably exaggerating a tad… >_>

Well, yeah. It doesn’t actually burn your eyes. It would just be really annoying to look at a game that has pink, yellow, and neon green textures all over the place.

When did the first Doom come out anyway?


its such a great game, but I can only get the first episode free off the internet. How do get the other two? I don’t think I can register the game today.

Break out the BFG 9000 8) . I loved the massive 2D carnage you could instill, especially with rapid fire weapons. Did anyone else here get to that one room where it’s filled with Imps, on hard, and had a fully loaded plasma gun? It’s THE uber first person shooter game.

I got my for PSP…free

Ewww. wipes self PSP?

ok, I changed my mind. For it’s time, it had pretty good graphics. I guess you can’t really compare it to the graphics of today. Like Metroid Prime and Twilight Princess.

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Yes, Doom was a really good game for its time.

(I’m just going to completely ignore the previous post. We all know Zone hates everyone and everything except his PSP)