look at this. this is I DONT KNOW WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT!

While we’re here, don’t buy anything that says “made in China” on it. It was made using the same techniques.

What’s that you say? Everything you own already has that label? Uh oh.

You can’t boycott everything. Cheap labor will always be used by rich companies. It’s, um, cheaper. I dunno why Nike’s been getting all the attention, but practically every big company is guilty of the same thing.
EDIT: Here:

You have to keep in mind that that is not America. Those people are so broke that they’re desparate and consider themselves lucky to even HAVE that job.

Mirror Samus where have you been all the time? Certainly not in the American naivety (spelled right?) that everything is great?

Naivete. (Na?vet?, actually)

Hmm I’ve heard stuff like that for about 3 years and I really don’t know what to think.

Well chances are, everybody will still be buying Nikes for decades to come. At the start of the year, the new Nike air forces (known as forces), were worn by almost 50% of my school. While I dont own a pair (too expensive, and not really good looking anyway), my brother, along with several people I know have them. They’re more popular than converse, K-swiss (which I own 3 pairs, just throwing that out there), Adidas, and Vans.

…Got a little off topic. Anyway, I’m just saying that while that’s really sad, Nike has been one of the hottest shoe brands in the US for ages, and chances are, this wont phase most people.
Not to mention TONS of other companies do the exact same thing.

meh, ive never really liked most nike stuff, cept on pair i saw once. nearly every chav in my school wairs nike. im a sk8r, so i dont buy nike and all that. i knew this kid jack at my old school who had like 40 pairs of nike stuff.

gah!!! the misspelling, the 1337 it burns us

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