doesnt look like much....

well the forums around here are like a ghost town, i was just wondering just how fast progress is going? (i know programming is taking a long time, and thats udnerstandable) but why is there no activity? does anyone still care? or has all been said and done?

Well, progress all around is pretty slow, and there isn’t really much to talk about. Most sprites have actually been done already, so there isn’t many people there… What would you expect, really?

Not only that, but all of the progress is being done over at SCU. This forum is just for the fans to discuss the project, the board over at SCU is for all the progress and team members. So don’t expect anything at all to be done over here.

oh ok, then thats where ill go scu here i come…CHKEWHHCCHHHHHSHHH(ricket ship noise)

Please post topics in the appropriate section to avoid looking like a dumbass. :3

but it IS appropriate, cause its like progress, and im saying that it dosent look like there is any…(progress) so its a appropriate :smiley:

Well then, at the very least, avoid posting like this here or in SCU:

Cause THAT makes you look like a dumass :wink: