Does anyone watch Doctor Who?

Do you watch Doctor Who?

  • Yes, I like it
  • No, but I still like it
  • Yes, I hate/do not like it
  • No, I hate/do not like it
  • Yes, but I have no opinion on it
  • No, and I have no opinion on it
  • Dr Who? (pun <_<)
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In the UK The New Series, Series 2 is being shown on BBC1, while in the USA The New Series, Series 1 is being shown (I think on the Sci-Fi channel)

Do you watch it and like it, or not.

The 10 faces of the Doctor. A time travelling renegage Timelord. With the ability to regenerate into a new body when his current one dies/wears out.

i have never heard of this show. :neutral_face:

link to a website for it?

Here is the official site

Here is the unofficial with US broadcasting times

And here is a link that explains everything

sweet ill look into it. it sounds funny, so i expect it will be.

there is not a “no, and i dont know what it is” option >_>


I knew I forgot something.

I’m neutral.

Added some options.

I’ve heard nothing more about it than the name, so… no opinion. I don’t watch it, obviously.

I DID watch it, as the series I watched was good (Bottom-Left Doctor). However, it got worse, and actually never came on again.

You refer to the 9th Doctor. it has got better and the series after the one you saw just ended yesterday in the UK.