Does anyone know how to rip sounds?

i wanna learn how do i rip sounds of megaman zero 3

i know i can turn chanels off, but that is not working in this especifc game, so is there any other way, maybe a program like the SNES SOR?

…first make sure what you are doing is legal, then go to a sound-ripping-forum

im just trying to get some sound effects to my fan game, as long as i dont try to sell it, theres nothing ilegal about it, but man, where i can find a sound-ripping-forum ?

besides the fact that ROM’s are illegal, i know a way to do it. im not sure if its against the rules to post ABOUT roms or not… if it is please tell me and/or edit this post.

well, in visualboy you can just go to ‘tools’ > ‘Record’ > ‘start sound recording’. its pretty usefull.

oh yhea… that i know how to do it, and yes is pretty usefull indeed, but even so, the background music of the game is recorded with the sounds effects… so for me that wont help

yeah i hate that. i was trying to record the title theme but it heard everything, even stuff off the window. it hear my IM sounds lol. and you said you tried turning off channels? i think most games dont use channels for sounds. because whenever i toggle them it doesnt really make a difference.

i only know how to do ones from ZSNES Emulator

with the snes SOR right? is a program that find every sound of a snes rom

or you turn the channels off with the F buttons?

well anyway… there may be a program like “gba SOR” or something

i dont know about him but i was talking about VisualBoyAdvance (the emulator for GBA). its the best one ive used. i havnt tried sound ripping with ZSNES. (snes emulator). ill try getting some super metroid music actualy…

Use this ,and load SM rom with it…you’ll have all the sound samples of the game CLEAAAANN!! without any background music

as for music riping i got no clue

Visualboy? Is that like Virtual Boy?

Gameboy Advance emulator.

its not like virtual boy. its just a cool name for a GBA emulator. is this topic against the rules?

no, as long as you dont link :smiley:

lol new to the video gaming piracy? I was once until EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly. Yes you read it. EGM had an article about ROMS and Emulators). ROMs are the game ripped into the computer somehow, and you use an emulator to emulate the Console. Despite many contradicting theorys, ROMs are illegal PERIOD. You can’t even use them as back-up. Drop your thank-you to the guy who made an Atari 2800 backup cartridge. Atari sued and you can imagine what happened. It also says in games made by Nintendo that backups, archivals, and the such are illegal.

But, if you look in the Gaystation 2 gaming manual, it clearly states, in the smallest fine print in the whole book, that making and keeping ONE backup of the game is legal, even though it says nothing on how to do such a thing.

i think its like using limewire or morpheus: we know its illegal, but the chances of getting caught are so slim we dont care. i read some articles saying if you delete them within 24 hours of instaling them its not illegal.

As I used Limewire, chances are that I don’t want to get involved of getting in trouble.
If you are saying that you really want to rip sounds. You really need to try to look some some site that already have wave sounds or sounds. But in the case of ripping sounds. It can be hard to find.

Gaystation 2?

Yeah, you know… SONY Gaystation, Nintendo Gaycube, Microsoft Sexbox…