Does anyone have MZM style Phazon Suits

I looking for a phazon suit done in MZM spirate of the gravity suit.

Just recolor the Gravity Suit. Should take about five minutes tops if you know what you’re doing.

If you don’t, it’s simple. The Eraser Tool in Paint has a secondary function if you right click–it replaces all left-click colors with rightclick colors. So just eyedrop a shade of the grav suit, mix or eyedrop a similar shade for the phazon suit’s color scheme, and right-eraser over all the sprites. Choose a new shade and repeat until you’re done.

Tanks Daz, I will try that.

There’s another–less time-consuming for whole sheets–method of doing that, too.

Click the selection tool, and choose the second option–the one that allows for transparency on pasted images.
Select the eyedropper tool.
Right-click on the color with which you want to replace the original.
Select All.
Select the eyedropper tool.
Right-click on the color you want to replace.

Unless I’ve missunderstood, someone just said that, Mason.

No, his method is a bit different. I’ve seen it before, but I like mine better 'cause it allows more precision in what you color… For instance, the gravity suit’s colors don’t all match up with the phazon suit. Phazon has black and silver with a red area under the chestplate. Gravity is purple, red, blue, yellow… You can’t directly recolor it his way without some manipulation.

True and I may have it up sometime next week. 8)

Here the Phazon suit
MZM stye Phazon Suit