Does anyone have Dark and Light suit sprites

I was wondering if anyone had a dark and light suit sprites.

I’m planning on making a light and dark suit sprites but they will NOT be of use to anyone but me. sorry

That’s ok I already find some on this site.


1 no advertiseing and 2 they don’t have light and dark suit sprites there

1, that isn’t advertising, 2, yes they do. >_> And 3, that first post of yours is completely idiotic and asinine. WHy tell him you’re making them if he can’t even use them? That’s like going down to a ghetto and saying “hey look, I’m rich, but no one but me gets any of the money!”… That’s just mean as hell. Of course, in my example you’d probably get stabbed or something. Instead, you’ll just get warned. :slight_smile:

MH made idles light and dark suit sprites.

oh wow big deal look what I found just one light and dark suit I belive he is lookingfor a sprite sheet

No I was just looking for sprites where samus facing the screen. Not a sheet and Daz was right that is not advertisement. Advertisement is where someone who has a forum and telling other there forum or there website.

Of topic:Woah, that guy is good at sprites! :smiley:

On topic: You should have verified that in the first place :wink: .

i got light suit sprites, full sheet, want me to pm them to you?