Does anyone else prononce Chozo this way?

I pronounce Chozo as Ko Zo. And I think most People pronounce it Cho Zo. Is there anyone else who does pronounce it my way, or am I just wierd?..

The reason I pronounce it Ko Zo is beause its easier to say and it sounds better and “Flows more smoothly” (I guess you could say).

I pronounce it “Cho-Zo”. I think that’s a lot smoother, and easier to say then, “Ko-Zo

So I’m just wierd then?..

Yes, you’re quite the odd type. :laughing:

This could be the “pronounciation toppic”. For me:

Chozo: Choh’-zoh.
Samus: Sam’-us.
Zebes: Zeb’-ess.

That pretty much covers the basics.

Depending on linguistic background, both are technically correct (cho-zo vs. ko-zo). Wierd rests in how an observance is well, observed. How about having the Chozo civilization (however pronounced) forseeing the complexity of spoken language and devising a method to harness the differences in pronounciation. i.e. An artifact or two of Chozo technology has been sealed away. The unlocking mechanism linked to the vault containing said Chozo artifacts only unlocks when the correct pronounciation of the unlocking word or word phrase is applied. For this example, ‘Chozo’ will be the key word. Pronounced as ‘Cho-Zo’ it could either unlock or re-lock the vault. Pronounced as ‘Ko-Zo’ it could either unlock the vault instead or maybe even destroy the vault and all artifacts contained within. Maybe even having the word phrase pronounciation just as part of the complex key mechanisms abundant in the Metroid universe.