Doctor Who Anybody?

For those who don’t know Doctor Who is a TV show based on a Time Traveler who’s Time Machine is a blue wooden police box which he called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.) And if you haven’t seen the show, well… Go watch it, because from here on will be discussion of the episodes and all their glory.

—Spoilers of Season Three - Utopia—

I’m currently caught up on all episodes so I’ll just start out by saying how excited I am to see the return of The Master, up until now I just figured he died in the Time War.
Martha and The Doctor don’t seem to have the same connection as he and Rose did, it’s more of a team instead of a companionship. And it’s evident to me that he knows she loves him but he doesn’t want any part of it because he’s still mourning Rose. Also, Captain Jack Harkness, who couldn’t love that guy huh?