Do you think kraid or riddely should be in mp3?

Who would you want in mp3.

  • Kraid(in 3d).
  • Riddely(Gets revenge).
  • Neither(you dont want any).
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I would want kraid because he was never in prime.

why have him in there he’s Suppose to be not even created yet until the super metroid for the simple fact that the prime games are featured before super metroid


Kraid… Was in the first/original metroid as well…

Same. I’d also like to see both of 'em…

Too bad it’s not an option on the poll… So, eh… If I can’t pick both, then Kraid, as he hasn’t been in a prime game, while Ridley has.
I just voted for both…[/color]

yes well he was in Zero Mission as well

Why does everyone always want old bosses in the MP games? Wouldn’t you guys prefer to see some new completely original bosses in the Prime Series? I know I would. Kraid and Ridley have had there time, now it’s time for the new bosses in MP3 to have some spotlight.

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I will never be satisfied without my daily dose of three dimensional Kraid.

dude both of course, but if I have to choose kraid cause he wasn’t in a prime game,

but Dark Samus, Ridley is a very important character in the metroid series why did they put him in more then 50 % of the games if he wasn’t that important… and kraid well he is cool because he’s HUGE… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t mind a return of Ridley to explain why he no longer has his Meta armor in Super…

Kraid, well, he’d be kinda illogical. Since SM will probably take place not long after MP3, and he doesn’t get resurected every other day like Ridley does. See, Ridley’s been in two consecutive games several times, while Kraid got revived after three or four, and only one revival at that. He’s obviously not as important to the pirates therefore.

damn and I thought the pirates needed a big Backbone to destroy everything :stuck_out_tongue:

but kraid is much more difficult to resurrect cause he’s much bigger than ridley… I think :confused:

I wouldn’t mind seeing Adam resurrected to try do deceive samus but i don’t think that will happen

Keep in mind that you don’y HAVE to die in the battle. I mean, you defeat DS 3 times in MP2. But if kraid never dies, than what would happen to him? >_>

Okay, yes, but you saw him blow into smithereens. >_> Dark Samus is a Phazon entity that turns into Phazon and escapes. Kraid’s just… a giant lizard.

it would be cool if kraid and ridley were both in mp3 but having them be resurrected for like the third time would be kind of weird to fit into the storyline…

Well he is ressurected by SM anyway, so why not make it now?

some bosses should stay dead for the simple fact that they had their time in the past and they should stay dead in the future. but still why have this converation to have them ressurected anyway

they shouldn’t because they are dead
only Ridly can be revive, becuase he is the leader of the space pirates, and the pirates need him to lead them

Krad is just the protector/ living in that planet
but that fool is dead

Kraid WAS revived. I’m sure he wasn’t revived in the time after MP3 and before Super Metroid. He could have been revived during MII, but my opinion still stands that he will be revived sooner.

was he?
i didn;t know that
wat game did he get revived?

Super Metroid. >_>