dividing by zero


Read that, and here’s the explanation that he fails at so miserably in the video:

You have a number line -inf to inf, with 0 somewhere in between, and you’ve got null as a random point not on this line (similar to the concept of i, the imaginary number)
-1/0 is defined as -inf, 1/0 is defined as inf, and 0/0 is defined as null. (sorry, my picture’s a bit cluttered)
He goes on to show, in the video, that this definition means that 0^0 = null. That’s the bottom part of the picture:
((0/1)^1) * ((0/1)^(-1))
(0/1) * (1/0)
And 0/0 = null.

Ok, there, we’ve figured out what he’s saying.
Now to take this a step further, I will go so far as to say this is bullshit. I don’t feel particularly obliged to disprove him, since he can’t read this, but I just want you to know that this made my day. Worst theorem ever.


ps that headline looks like it’s from The Onion.
pps you should trust this guy Timaster, his parents are KGB agents.

I trust timmeh, but the question is, Who are you? Anyhow, i’m too lazy to read that explanation.

I’ve been Tim’s friend since the fourth grade and pretty much inspired him to become Russian and move to Michigan. Also I saw his secret fruitfly farm in his basement, and he can verify the fact that this farm exists (if he hasn’t already). More importantly I am a math enthusiast which is why I decided to register especially for this topic.

He’s also insane.

Yes, I did have a fruitfly… “farm”, as he said.
No, my parents aren’t KGB agents.

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He’s a friend of timaster’s that didn’t have an account yet.
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Yes, he did. Two, in fact.

What are the names of these other accounts then?

Does it matter?

Gzagion for one, and potentially MichelH–Tim insists it’s him but he denies it… The IP’s don’t match, so I’ll not ban Gzag. for being an alt of a banned account yet…

“Null” is already used in computers, so he’d better come up with a better name. Does “undefined” work? Oh wait. >_>

(for those who don’t know, x/0 is considered “undefined”, and 0^0 is considered “undefined” since it equals 0/0 as he shows. All he’s doing is giving “undefined” a different name/symbol and moving it into the nonexistent 2nd dimension of a number line–it’s that easy :unamused: )

Btw if the planet divides by zero it’ll stop working.

Btw is not a word, you idiot! And if you were trying to use an abbreviation, you must use periods between the letters, you loser!



null, hmm being the smart one in my school I have a whole new subject to study. JOY btw this could fix a lot of problems in the computor world, such as, you guessed it pacemakers. from the research I did, if it hit null, it would start from the last working protocal.