Different way of defeating Bosses?

Well, the fun thing about Metroid’s bosses are that you don’t just stand there and fire. You’ll need a strategy to defeat each boss, and here’s what:

There should be diggerent (whoops, I meant different) ways to kill the bosses. Or else, it won’t be any fun, and it would be much easier.

Metroid games are boring when they’re easy.

So, would you agree that there should be a different way of killinf bosses?

Here’s an example:


When Thardus rolls into a giant ball, use your Morph Ball and dodge. Eventually Thardus sould crash into a wall and snow should cover him. Thardus will not move for a while, and at that time, use the Wave Beam or Missles to attack. Later on, he will stop turning into a ball. He will attack by slamming his fist into the ground, but it will get stuck in the snow. Thardus will fall into the ground. Quickly fire missles at his head. To do massive damage, when his mouth is open, roll into a morph ball and drop three morph ball bombs in his mouth. He will spit you out, and you will take minimum damage, though.

Well, I doubt they’ll make different ways. P2D will be as similar to the original as possible in 2d.

Ok, that’s…really wierd. Snow wouldn’t make Thardus stop moving, and I don’t think he’d get stuck in it, either. They already have to have differant ways to kill bosses anyway. And he doesn’t have a mouth.

They already pretty much have to change most of the boss battles. They just… don’t work out of 3D. Like, say, Flaghra (or however you spell it). Unless they want to make a really long room, and have a dynamic background, so it appears like you are circling Flaghra, they have to change up the battle. Same with the Hive Mecha, Incinerator Drone thingy… or, y’know, every friggin battle in the game.

Well, then can atleast some bosses be in a different strategy?

Only ones like:

Flagghra (Did I spell that right)
Meta Ridley and
Omega Pirate

It’s very difficult to make Flagghra exactly how it was in Prime, in my opinion.

Sheegoth had a very weird strategy. Shoot the corner of his mouth with missles. Wow.

Ridley flew in the sky and attacked you for most of the fight. I think that should be changed. He should fight like in Zero and Fusion, but with some sort of strategy instead of blasting away.

Omega Pirate, now attacking his shoulders wouldn’t be easy; there is no targeting, he could smack you while you’re trying to aim diagonally, and, getting the other side of the shoulder would be nearly impossible, since you can’t walk right past the pirate.

The rest of thye bosses, like Metroid Prime, have a good strategy, and should be kept that way.

Whoops, this post makes no sense, because while I was typing, CloudVaris posted. Just pretend that this post is after Coolmans.

Oh, and yeah, Thardus’s strategy was just an example.

I thought it up in a minute.

For Flahara try puting him on a slightly raised platform along with morph ball tunles on platform almost like background. you go on botom below platform. and instead of having 4 mirors you have 2 mirors that take 2 shots to reposition each

I think they only will make bosses with a different strategy when it is impossible to make them with the original strategy, and from your list, there is no need to make them with a different strategy :wink:

Flaahgra works perfectly in 2D, almost identical to ingame, so I don’t know what y’all are rambling about. For Thardus, there’ll just be some ramps he goes off you have to boost under, since ingame boosting around him was the best way, here you can just boost under. Like so–we’ll change them ONLY as much as necessary. We are NOT redesigning bosses like crazy.

And since when does Thardus even HAVE a mouth…? >_>

I don’t think Thardus even really had a head so to say… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that the 2D perspective will add it’s own new strategies to the bosses in this game. With Omega Pirate for example, you might have to space jump up to his shoulders in order to hit them, which would be harder to do. With trying to get around him, i’m pretty sure I read somewhere before how you could run in between his legs or something to that nature.

He’ll likely either be Kraid-style–that is, he’ll stick to one side of the screen (until he teleports of course)–or have an area you can pass through/jump over/roll under.

Maybe after he smashes the ground with the energy… stuff… he sits there recovering for a second or two, giving you time to fire and/or move by him?

I have an idea for Thardus. The arena will be massive and Thardus will be on one side. You have to shoot the leaking rock (as always) and stuff until he dies. When he rolls into a ball he’ll have Jagged edges and the morph ball can fit in them so you can place yourself so he’ll roll over you and do no damage. He’ll throw rocks at you as always and stuff. What do you think?

That’s nice, but a little too easy. How about:

Thardus does a random number of different attacks from 4-8. The attacks probability get higher and higher when he has less hp.

The attacks are:

Smash rock into the ground,
Hurl rocks at you like crazy,
Bang his head at you; does big damage, but he needs to recover for several seconds

Now, after he’s done attacking, he will roll into a ball. Just as he does, attack him; that’s the time when he is unaware (He doesn’t have eyes on his back, or eyes at all, lol…)
Then, you can shoot a little more; but as he rolls, snow starts to build onto him, creating a barrier. As he charges to you, jump behind him and fire at him again until he gets back up.

At the beginning, you can also do another trick; When he’s rolling, when there is little snow covering him, roll into your morph ball, and as you run, drop bombs behind you. This is a great trick to help you if you’re out of missles, etc.

Or…it can just be as Daz said, that Thardus will bounce a little bit when he rolls and you boost underneath him :sweat:

Just trying to make this a lot simpler…

And more accurate to Prime.

XMega, this is Metroid Prime in 2-D, not a Metroid Prime remake that happens to be in 2 dimensions.

Well, If this is “Prime 2D” then I doubt this game will come out right. The sprites are awesome; but the gameplay will be no fun at all.

Games’ sole purpose are for FUN. If you have the best graphics in the most boring game, nobody would like it.

Beating bosses in MP was exciting; there was a new strategy for each. In P2D, that excitement will dissappear.

Also, MP was created in 3D because it’ just doesn’t fit in 2D. Nintendo could have made Prime for Gameboy Advance like Fusion, but they wanted to try something new.

That new feeling will dissappear.

Making P2D exactly the way it was in 2D is near impossible. You can’t make it the exact same way; there needs to be some alterations.

It is possible and it WILL be done!

Well, yes, Xmega. It’s going into 2-D, so the maps are going to be changed to match that, and it’s going to play like a 2-D Metroid.

But how will the excitement of fighting the bosses disappear in P2D? The bosses are still going to have the same strategies as they do in MP, thus all different from each other. What would you expect, though? An entirely new Metroid game?

Dude, MP was one of the most fun games that I (and MANNNNNNNNNNY others) have played. How is turning the game into a straight up 2D version of it gonna make the game boring? I had fun fighting the bosses in 3D, and if they are pretty much the same in P2D, i’ll have just as much if not more fun.

What?! MP could’ve been made in 2D just as well as 3D. Saying that, if MP was originally a 2D game, then somebody could come argue “MP was made in 2D cause it doesn’t fit in 3D.” Your argument makes no sense at all.

On the contrary, it being turned into a 2D game will make it feel planety new and fresh to old and new players alike. Look at MZM. Basically, it’s a remake of the original metroid, but it still felt fresh and new to everyone who played it.

There is going to be some alterations. Some upgrades and expansions will have to be gotten slightly different cause of the lack of 3D. Some bosses will have to be fought slightly differently cause of no 3D, but for the most part, this game will be a 2D copy of the best GC game ever made. Metroid Prime was great, P2D will be great, end of story.

It was not made in 3d “because it doesn’t work in 2d”. It was made in 3d because a different company was handling it and they wanted to make it in a different style.

And it turned out great.