Description of a noob/newb

Noob: A person who is a newb, BUT is abnokshous and is rude, and thinks he can do anything.

Newb:someone who is new to something and is learning and wants to learn. Someone who tries to learn from other poeples mistakes.

Peace Out…


A noob and a newb mean the same thing…And, WTF is the point of this thread?

Yeah, noobs, n00bs, nubz, newbs, newbz, nubcakes, nubs, etc. are all just different spellings.

There can be very different types of noobs also, such as forum noobs (the members who sign up, don’t read the rules, think that spamming is the only way to keep a topic alive, type like retarded monkeys, then get banned and end up saying they hate the place and will never come back because they hate it (but apparently not because they were banned)) or MS paint noobs (the ones that make neon-colored blobs and call them detailed).

Don’t forget nubster cakes. XD

actually all of those are the same…


WTF is the point of making this?I mean nobody cares

i dunno…can someone delete this?

You can just lock it yourself.

i can? how?

Look at the bottom left-hand corner, it should say “Moderator Options”. Scroll up the list and click on “Lock Topic”

i dont see any moderation options…

…wtf. <_<