demon creator

well… mine is drawn but our scanners fucked so i will post it in about…3 days or less.
or sprite it.

anyway, just make demons, they can look like anything, but they have to be demons. dark angels count as demons.

well sorry about double posting but i finished my demon.



editing button?

and, it lacks originality and detail


originality? what the hell do you mean? it wuz dun in 5 minutes thats why it looks badly drawn…

I think this would fit in better in Graphics Discussion, since it’s drawings of your own.
<_< >_>

And I don’t see what he means by lacking originality. Looks pretty original to me. As for lacking detail… that’s just a different style.

The body could change sizes from one end to the other like the arms and legs, probably the top being the thickest part.

And the hat could be a little more rounded.

A little more info about the topic would be nice, too. Is this a contest for who can make the best demons? Are we supposed to give comments, or just keep posting them and keeping comments to ourselves?

Your minimodding sucks… Minimodding is saposed to be helpful. But your’s sounds insulting.

the large red thing on his head is his hair, he dont wair a hat. but he DOES have a gun.

and a sword, and a bow (of death) A SPEAR, and can produce energy of all types, and is out to KILL! well, he is a demonic creation, so he kills christ- friendly objects, and his friends include:
x-mas h8r robot, and his followers include lesser, greater and omega demons.

and he hates clowns.

and, he looks, in a way, lacking detail: he dosent have detail. hes supposed to look like that.

new drawings comin soon (ish)