I am wondering are you only taking space pirate frigate stuff or can I post anything for the gave right now

You can make anything that hasn’t been taken for the game now, but save it and post it after the demo is done if it’s not Space Frigate stuff.

Here is another question I am a noob and therefor have virtualy no knolege. So my question is, what is the best program to sprite in and where can I get it. I have macromidia suite 8 and game maker 6 if that is of any use. Also what is a decent music writing program I can get for free

Paint. Microsoft Paint. Easy to get to, you just need a PC. :smiley:

If you have a mac, download Pixen, it’s fairly simple and definately not as good as paint, but still good for mac users.

Do you just mean the basic paint that comes with like all windows computers isn’t that kind of simplistic

MS Paint is the most recommended program for sprites. It may be simple, but who cares? It can do absolutely everything you would ever need to do to sprite a full sheet beautifully–all it takes is patience and knowledge of what to do. And you can’t compensate for lack of skill by stuffing your work with shallow pretty filters and shit like Photoshop wannabe spriters tend to do.

I second that. Effects look terrible on sprites.

Don’t most spriters use paint? I suck at any other program besides paint…

Daz’s best post ever :sweat: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sploder, how in the hell can you be bad at spriting in any other program besides Paint? That doesn’t even make remote sense.

I accidentaly deleted my MSPaint…any links?

A search in Google for Microsoft Paint will show the site at the top of the page.

I personally like something called Idraw. It’s relatively easy to use, and I found it hard to use MSpaint, since you can’t see any gridlines. You can on idraw.

(My first post ^_^)

I don’t like gridlines. In Pixen, you can choose if you wan gridlines. I’ve never tried IDraw, anyone else think it’s good? is it for mac?

  1. Yes, it’s very good. It’s like Paint, but with much more/better zooming, more than just three ctrl+z’s, and better handling of palletes and such.

  2. Unfortunately, not without a PC emulator.

Oh, well. i’m happy with my program.

Going back to my previos question can someone please give me a link to a good music editing program

Ok, seriously, answer MY question. You have a Mac, or Windows???

Go to They have links there to various midi composers and editors.