Demo was great, but...

The demo was an awsome expirience. ONce you get the controls down, it really starts to feel like a metroid game. But, here are a few of my questions and comments.

1.Where are the enemies?? I downloaded the demo, but found nothing to shoot at. I like shooting at things.

  1. Why does Tallon IV have a countdown? Im sure that this was merely to make the demo more intresting.

  2. Bomb just physics are a little tight, could be loosened up a little.

  3. Is the frigate demo near completion?? I really looking forward to it.

Answered, answered, answered.

It’s not a demo. It’s a BUILD demo. There are no enemies because it’s only supposed to show what they’ve gotten done with the environments so far. The news post specifically said that “don’t contact me asking why XXXXXXXX isn’t included”. Look a little harder :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a couple of parasites in the latest ones, but the point is that it’s only a build demo.

Wait, Tallon IV? What? Countdown… O_o … what are you talking about? there are three rooms in the build demo and they’re all on the pirate frigate, and there’s no countdown. What are you saying?

Notice theres a new demo on the website. :stuck_out_tongue:

;p… lol nub’d

anyway… i belive i can answer your questions…
or, atleast 1 :

that is a simple question with a simple answer…
It’s pretty obvious that the chozo worshiped the “ham” burgar as a god. Therefor, the “hamberger god” blessed the chozo with a self destruct sequence just in case the chozo needed to blow themselves up XD. Then, the pirates messed with it and programmed it so that when samus aran touches it, it blows the planet to smitherines in 1 minute (sigh) …just enough time for samus to escape.

pirate : damn this samus! and our programming skills! why dont we just set it to blow the damn planet up in 1 second!?!

pirate 2 : dont ask me, jim, ask our manager…

pirate : and whos that?

pirate 2 : shudder ridly…


pirate : uhh… but, sir… Samus escaped!

ridly : WHAT!?! You let her escape! Time for some dinner… first on the menu is a roasted pirate.

pirate : wait! i can explain!

ridly : oh?

pirate : yes… it wasnt me… it was you! you set the self destruct to 60 seconds, not me!

ridly : whatever. you. die. anyway.

after ridly finishes his course of “roast pirate”

ridly : mmm i should try that more often!

is it worth trying out the new demo if i tried the old?

The demo is definetly worth your time if you hadnt played it… BUT WHY WAS THERE A COUNTDOWN? And by the way, this countdown, it give you like 60 seconds to about 3 miles. So prepare to die over, and over, and over, and over, agian.

dude i made it on my second try :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, i made it on my second try too. I posted this after the first try. But seriosly, they dont spare you a second for samus to wipe her fricken boots off.

Why exactly did you make a new topic for this? =/