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Since I’m pretty much the guy who started the majorly off-topic debate in a completely different topic, might as well be the guy to start the official topic that’ll confine debates.

I believe we where discussing the Big Bang and Creationism in the other topic, so go ahead and pick up where you left off.

I don’t think that it’s even remotely possible for the theory of evolution to be true. There has to be a starting point to the universe, otherwise it has always existed.

072 wins the cake.

Evolution describes the evolution of life on our planet. It has nothing to do with the origin of the universe.

Except… evolution happens. Fact. End of story.

Now, whether there was something else that set everything else into motion is something entirely different.

And I’d say there was.

But whatever it was is most certainly not still around.

Or if it is, it’s nothing like one described in any sort of “bible”, I guarentee.

I’d elaborate, but that doesn’t seem to fit the current part of the debate, so I’ll save it for later unless prompted.

072, you’re human, as far as I know. The main weakness humans have is that they are puny little creations, that can’t possibly grasp the concepts of the world around them. First, people didn’t have answers, so they made them up. Now, they have answers, but they still refuse to acknowledge them. Yes, it’s hard to imagine that time was created, and isn’t continuous. It’s impossible to imagine how space curves in such a way that it always comes back to itself, even if you travel in a straight line. It’s just zany to think that where there once was nothing, there is now a whole universe. It’s insane to believe that small cells were created from basic chemicals, and that through natural selection, they became multicellular, evolved organs, and eventually developed the capacity for reason.

Well, it’s true.



Ha, I just remembered why Tim was banned from SCU. :wink:

What I want to know is: How the bloody hell, did people come up with anything that’s in the bible? I doubt 1 Prophet, and 30 Disciples saw “God” at the same time. And even then, everybody who “sees” anything to do with "God’ always ends up to be a Euphoria, or something else.

EDIT: Haha.

If the bible was completely made up, then you can’t use events in the bible to prove that it wasn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice paradox. But the “1 Prophet” and “30 Disciples” is a random thing.

Why WAS Tim banned anyway?

And… oh. Then I’m confused.

Timaster was banned for “hacking” SCU and deleting it, or something.

Confusion. Haha. Maybe you should try this thing called: Confucianism.

EDIT: Hey wait, I just realized that what you quoted from me, had NOTHING to do with what you said on the first line. WTF? :confused:

Good point. I should have reorganized my query.

Really. Do we actually know if he’s guilty or were we just pinning blame?

What? Are we talking about “God” here? Or who? …?

…XD. I’m talking about Tim.

Uh, Tim was banned for his “I’m right, you’re wrong, so shut up” style arguments over at SCU. It annoyed the crap out of the mods.

Where did you get the idea of him hacking SCU?

I think he was thinking of the incident that Timmeh got de-modded for over here.

Anywho, It’s gonna be pretty rough for you guys when find out you’re wrong. Just warning you.

I didn’t say so shut up.
I’m just stating facts >_>

What I find ridiculous is that if I posted a thread about the threat of zombies, I’d get ridiculed to smithereens. But when I argue against some cultist vision of some weird guy just abracadabraing life into existence, that, of course, is me being unreasonable.
Where do you draw the line between idiocy and religion?

You can believe whatever you want, Tim. I have a problem with you calling people idiots for what they believe, or even worse-- when they believe something different from you.

God exists, and evolution? No such thing. I’m just stating the facts!


072 making fun of Timaster.