Dead save battery...

Ok I just got Metroid II: Return of Samus from eBay. It is quite rare these days so I don’t really want to return it, but it seems that the save battery is dead. Is there any way that I can put in a new battery or do I have to return it?

You have to change the battery, to do this you have to have a special screw driver to open it up, I think it take watch batterys.

Maybe if you send it to nintendo the will fix it.My zero mission is battery is dead and my brother told me to send it to nintendo but i never had time to.So maybe nintendo will fix it maybe.

let me get this streight… you have to open up the game cartridge? that sounds bad to me. i think you should just send it to nintendo, like DSP said =)

I don’t think Nintendo would care about your game. It’s possible they could give you instructions, but it’s highly unlikely that they will do the work for you.

Who knows maybe nintendo may fix it.Look at this webpage.

It’s not rare at all, actually. Gamestops have them all the time.

I wasn’t implying that it was rare, I was hinting to the fact that Nintendo itself could care less, thus you could not send it to Nintendo. I do believe that GameStop would have a service like that, but we’re dealing with an old Game Boy game here. Would the process differ form the GB to the GBA cartridge?

How about this take it to Player 2(store) is see if they can fix it.

No Nintendo dosen’t care anymore. I checked. They don’t accept old games for repairs. Also, Nintendo recommends that you do not open your game cartridge, and besides, you need a special Nintendo crew. But good news :slight_smile: . Since I gave him a neutral feedback, he said that he will give me another Metroid 2 if I removed it because his feedback is very important to him. Hehe… Kinda makes me feel that I’m ripping him off though…

Will nintendo still fix zero mission?Because my zero mission’s save battery is dead.

Its only for new games that they will fix not the old game game boy color or regular game boy game, so yeah they will fix it.

zero mission has a save battery?

Well you can save the game but it won’t save know.

um…someone give me a link to learn about this, how long do i have on my zero mission left :confused:

Its like a watch battery, the more you save the more it take out of the battery, and about 3 or 4 year it will go dead I’m just gusing since my mario kart adv still have its save data.

Let me explain this in a more simpler way.A save battery is in the game cartridge.It’s sorta like a memory card in a cartridge.Some Save batterys might never die.So your zero mission’s save battery may never ever die.

uhh… i think i am experiencing the same problems on my game… ever heard of Mech Platoon>? prolly not, but, every time i try and save after i restart the SP, and start the game up again, it doesnt have my data loaded!

this is a GBA game so it seems that nintendo will fix it?

anyway, would someone give me some directions of where to go?

Here is a place you can look.I went here and i might send in my zero mission to nintendo.

do like me, open up take the battery off… take it too a whatch fixer and tell him you need another batery just like the one you ripped of the cartridge and place it on your game again…

to me it worked, i had to fix my pokemon blue