Dead Fangames

I love fangames. I got my start from making them and I’ve always found the Metroid ones most interesting.

I know a lot of people on this board have probably made fangames of their own at some point or have some old files from a long-canceled one floating around on their hard drives. I’d be interested to see if anyone has some downloads or pictures to some of them, as most of the sites that hosted these games are long gone.

If you’ve made a fangame in the past I’d be interested to know:

  1. What was the premise behind it?
  2. How far along did it get?
  3. Why did it fail?

Bonus points for having media(videos, pictures, downloads).

I’ll kick this off with some stuff I’ve got.

Some footage from the Construct 2 version of SR388 sent by Tokinsom

Unused assets/music/behind the scenes stuff from Minitroid.
Here’s a download to all the stuff in the video

Metroid: Father Hunt. Presumably dead here’s a link to one of the last demos for it.

That’s all I can find for now, but I’ve got more kicking around if people are interested.


So I’ve been working on a tabletop RPG system like D&D for years now, I’m constantly refining it and have come to a really good spot in its evolution. There’s tons of options for players to create a character that meets their play style and a huge focus on customization in terms of abilities and equipment. The reason I consider it dead is because, although I’m always working on the system, I have nobody to play it with. At best I could run solo campaigns with 1 other friend due to life schedules, and most friends who have not played aren’t willing to learn. But I still work on it, maybe one day I’ll make something of it.

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i have so many dead projects

a few i still go back and work on, but most i realized were a shit idea and just stopped

I’d post all my dead stuff but I don’t have it

Found some clearer footage of SR388. Not really as exiting as the trailers make it out to be.

Anybody know what Cindoras is?

No. And I think it’s time people just shh about msr388 it’s dead and if you really want to go indepth on it you’ll find it’s never, ever coming back…

It’s just another dead fangame. Nothing more.

this is literally a thread about dead fangames
this is exactly the place to talk about it

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got em!11
Yo I have 13 games to add to this lloll

i disagree CMC, there is never a place to talk about dead fangames, this is the wrong place as well
do you talk about dead soldiers? listing their facebook feeds in remembrance? no, that’s WRONG and it’s morally unjust, so please take your evil elsewhere

this is MP2D
this is exactly the place for my evil

Speaking of dead fangames…

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dead games:
Metroid Origins/MTR 2007
MSR388 (2005(ish)-2016)
All of my games

More SR388 stuff I don’t think I’ve posted here before.

These first two have some great tunes

Song is Great fire by XTC

Weird seeing such smooth footage of SR388

Here’s some animation stuff

And finally, three glimpses:

Hopefully these are interesting to people who haven’t seen em before.

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LET IT GO LOL yeah ELSA you got a point