Dazzy's Artstuffs

Yeah, so when I’m not spriting or gaming, I like to sketch stuff.

And interestingly, I just realized I don’t have a topic here.

I’m not that great yet, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere.

Here’s some of my better stuff, I guess.

Also, I just noticed that I severely overused commas in this post.

My first attempt in a long-ass time at drawing a realistic-style human. <_< John Morris II from CV: POR.

MP-style space pirate. Perhaps unshaded, but I love this one nonetheless. :astonished:

Elite pirate’d. :astonished:

Meta Ridley… I like my work on the head here, but… the body was just a LITTLE lazy. <_< I mean… maybe I just kind of skimped on just a couple of minor details… >_>

Soul Calibur 3’s Nightmare… sans head crest because of my faulty memory.

I like the Prate and the Elate, and I LOVE The Nigtmare thing, but i dislike the other two.

Ridley is my favorite :smiley: along with the Elite pirate. Nicely done Daz.

Your technique seems to be based entirely on curved lines, which may lessen the unique style of your drawings. They might look better shaded, that being said, why didn’t you shade any of them? <_<

I did, but my scanner won’t pick up shading. :<

Really? Then I guess you should try using a lot more contrast, or get a new scanner. =P

Cool, I like The Space Pirate and Meta Ridley very good, Daz is a good hand drawing and sprite artist. :smiley:> :clap:

I started on prototypes for a comic series Rogue Pirate and I are working on.

It’s just some introductory stuff with early concept art and horrible panel alignment, but I thought I’d post it for now, see if anyone at least thinks the idea is worth continuing, etc. It may seem a little cliche of a start, but beyond the intro it gets a bit more original. :E


I guess this is the best place to post this since it doesn’t deserve its own thread yet.

Some people were saying it was unreadable, so here’s a transcript, with a few edits to lines I didn’t particularily care for.

[size]07: “Bwahaha! They got duped! We’re free again!”

07: “C’mon out, 32.”

32: “This don’t feel right…”
07: “Uh, 32.”

07: “We’re Zebesian Space Pirates. We lived to break laws!”

07: “Since we’re defecting… really, this IS the right thing–our first moral decision! We’re turning over a new leaf!”

32: “Yeah, but the Zebesian army had free dental.”
07: “…And look at your damn teeth.”


07: “Seriously, man! We’ve unlocked so many new possibilities!”

32: “Yeah, but we look like monsters to the people. Everyone’ll hate us.”
07: “Hm, indeed… I have an idea.”

32: “Are you sure about this?”
07: “Hm, maybe a bigger hat.”


07: “Y’know, 32… if we want to fit in, we need normal names.”

32: “But I don’t want to fit in. I want my free dental. And rations. Those were tasty.”
07: “Shaddap already.”

07/Larry: “Larry and Hugo. Those will do. Now come, brother Hugo, and let us mingle with the humans!”
32/Hugo: “Oh, joy.”

Larry: “Hello, humans!”
Hugo: “Sup.”
Off screen human: “AAAH!”

Larry: “I am Larry, a fellow h–”
Larry: “How rude.”

Larry: “Hugo, they’re all running away. I blame your teeth… Accursed free dental!”
Hugo: “Oh, and I’m sure your scythe for an arm has nothing to do with it.”
Larry: “Er…”[/size]

There we go. Less awkward, hopefully a bit funnier on the last one, and more readable.


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nice drawings, like to see some new stuff. im trying to find somebody right now who could draw in the style of sotn. every time i try and draw i draw too dark, and give up, since i dont think it is perfect, i really have a problem with hands and feet, lol. when you shade, do you use a single direction shading?, because that can be very effective.

the fuck? who the fuck is fredfred burger?

That was really weird. That guy was a year-old member with no posts at all, then he randomly showed up and spammed ten times.

Meh, whatever. Banned now, whoever it was.

o_O that is weird… where do I introduce myself?

We have a newbie introduction thread in General Discussion.

k, thanks…

that Pirate sketch looks good. I like. :slight_smile:

Lol. I love the comic, very amusing. But who the fuck is that guy??? He came back twice, or was it different people?? Why does he keep talking about timmeh?? Does he mean from south park?? Im confused. Mabye he’s a hacker.

that WAS weird. and fredfred burger is some stupid fat elephant from a show called “grim adventures of bill & mandy”. and like daz said, it IS weird cuz the guy posted a y/a saying he wanted to help… never to be seen… then he pops up with all this spam, maybe it was a hacker…

and yeah I think the timmy thing was timmy from south park(I know because of this reference):
um, drugs are bad,mkay. <–THat counselor guy
wow what a great audience <–Jimmy(lol, that guy was funny)
[i]Timmeh![i/] ← I think it speaks for it self XD
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<.< weird experience ever…

P.S. has ANYONE sang me happy b-day?

He is banned and can still talk… HE IS A MONSTER RUN!!!
I liked the comic and the other drawings alot.
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He cant still talk. He stopped talking after he was banned. And if you were talking to Dazz, he fricken Admins pixeltendo. I dont think i’ve seen serus on pixeltendo. I myself am on pixeltendo (but i couldnt know that dazz runs the place unless i was).

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