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If you could make a cartoon/anime out of a video game, how would you do it, and with which video game?

I’d make an anime series out of the Classic Mega Man series. Ruby-Spears (cartoon company) tried that once, but it failed miserably due to the fact that A. They got their facts about the series horribly wrong, B. They didn’t orient it to an audience correctly - the episodes tended not to appeal to any group at all, and C. The show in and of itself was just shoddily designed. See, what I’d do is that I’d balance it between child-oriented and maturer audiences.

  1. There would be deep plots that a mature audience could enjoy, but still did not require you to watch every episode to enjoy it - basically, each sub-plot adds to the deeper, darker plot, but the children don’t have to understand this deeper, darker plot and can just enjoy an isolated episode here or there. I’d also try to balance the rest of the stuff between children and mature audiences.

  2. The plot would be continual, not isolated - each episode will contribute a bit to a bigger, deeper plot.

  3. The show would contain references to the games for gamers - I always loved the idea of maybe putting in a flashing “press start” under the title of an episode. Then again, that might confuse the kiddies… Also, I’d like to have, while the credits, Mega Man walking away from a burning fortress, A la Mega Man 7 ending.

  4. The show would be accurate to the games to a large degree.

  5. The show may (if I can flatten out an agreement between me and the other company XD) contain crossovers with other game series. This might actually be more doable than I suspect - what company wouldn’t want to get their characters on TV, get a little bit of free advertising not to mention new fans? I’d love it if Nintendo allowed me to team up Samus and Mega Man for an episode…

  6. The show would contain music from the games.

  7. The show would contain advanced technology and technological explanations (such as how the Mega Buster or Teleporter works), but it won’t be the center of anything, so the children watching the show can get their action while only having to listen to about a minute of technical stuff.

  8. I’d make the characters easily identifiable to people, with personalities that children can easily remember and again, identify with.

  9. All in all, as I said previously, I’d market and suit it towards both children and adults - deep plots yet enjoyable episodes.

So, what would you do if you could make a cartoon/anime show based on a video game?

Fire Emblem has all the makings of a good anime already. Fanservicey heroines? Check. Over-flashy attacks? Check. Bishies with swords? Check.


But seriously, silly cliches aside, the plot and characters really would make for a nice anime. >_>

Yeah, now that I think about it… Fire Emblem is well suited to be an anime. So how would you go about it, Daz?

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I’d re make the Super Mario Super Show…

I made a topic titled: Video Game TV Shows.

I’d make one on Commander Keen. Why? Because it would be centered around a 10 year old genius and would have enjoyable humour that adults and children could relate to. It’d kick Jimmy Neutron’s ass! >:P

Edit: Hey, I found this pic on a funny “mockumentary” on Commander Keen by Andrew Kepple (who completely owns it-NO STEALING). It was meant as a movie flyer, but I think it does its job well :stuck_out_tongue:

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