Daz's sprites/models/cg's/etc

I don’t feel like getting links to all my stuff, so I’ll just put my most recent work for now and update later :smiley:

Ain’t Zerglings cute? :smiley:


Now he has a little hydralisk friend. >_> Yeah, his tail is poorly shaded for now, but I love the carapace so I don’t think it’s that bad overall. I’ll fix it later…

Do one of an Ultralisk.

I’m gonna fix up the ultra, then do a zealot… then a few other random protoss, but ultralisk is the next zerg I’m making, and I’m doing no terrans. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, I have a marine, but he’s really old and I don’t know where the link went :smiley:

Do the Overmind too. Please? :neutral_face:

Overmind, eh? I’d need a reference, and some information on its size–the units have sizes listed, but buildings? Hm…

Me likes! And I see you changed your av. Keep working! Soon somebody will steal your sprites to make a fangame.

… I’ve had this av for a good two days >_>

Anyway, updated the hydra.

Neat. On the subject of avatars, I’ll never change mine.

Nice sprites!

If it’ll help:

Overmind pic

It is really blurry, but of course there aren’t many shots like it. For reference, if you look closley at the terrain you can see dead hydralisks in the mud. If you can suppose how big they would be a little farther up, you might find a good size.

Another Overmind Pic

Another one, but not so helpful…

Overmind In-Game

Overmind In-Game 2
For reference purposes…

Hey, I did what I could :stuck_out_tongue:

Greatly appreciated. I think I’ll just edit my Emperor Ing Chrysalis… >_>

Anyway, I’m working on the zealot now. ^.^ Anyone know how big they are in comparison to hydras?

Want me to take a crack at it? Lol

Ok, I do have one pic so far. Its of a cutscene that shows the size difference, but I can’t seem to find that one shot… (there’s no way I can take a screenshot of it on my own copy of SC)

I have seen the shot before, however, and I estimate it to be 3/4 the size of a hydralisk standing straight up. But since no one will take my word for it, I will continue to search for that shot.

Go Gold Leader! You can do it! Make an Archon next! Those thing are soooooo cool. :drools:

I decided to sheet the zergling first since zealots were giving me trouble. Go fig, the most piratelike unit in the game gives the piratemaster problems… :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatcha think? :smiley:


I made a TGF file that showcases his animations, it looks a LOT better than when they’re just laid out like that, so I’ll upload it in a bit. Trust me, it makes the sheet look crappy in comparison. :smiley:



Here it is. :smiley:

Wow… Those animations are awexome!