Dawn of war: Dark crusade

well, just got round to ordering dawn of war DC from game.co.uk. (livin in england now, so free delivery). my god, the movies i have seen proves that this will be EPIC.

anyway, discuss :slight_smile:

I have owned this game since it’s launch and it is awesome to a new level. Let’s elaborate, the campaign is quite bases on your will, and you can chose the race you play as. The single player instant battles are fun also, but none of that comes close to how kick ass the multiplayer is.

cant wait to kill people around the world with the necron army of death.
for the next release, im hoping for some kind of “create your own unit” option.

then again, theres allways MODs.

Ugh…i got the game on the first day,a few weeks later I realized that it became boring,so I started playing Warhammer: Mark of Caos…its way better

No it is not boring. DC is really fun

one of the best. i have been playing all morning, i’ve just pwnd some tau. those necron lord upgrades kick serious ass. 'specialy the essence of the nightbringer.

Two things:
1: Necrons are for n00bs.
2: Mark of Chaos is indeed fun but DC pwns it.

yeah, DC would own other RTS’s IMO.

lol that baby is hilarious