DarkHunter16's Sprite Thread

Hi… Id like very much to learn how to sprite game Characters.
I can sprite small things like powerups, and special effects (explosions).
But i really want to learn characters, so c+c would great for my work. Thank you.

Here is my very first Character sprite in the works:

I know its just the leg and it isnt even colored, but to honest i really dont know where to
start. Please help :confused: . (the image on the left is my ref.)

Is’nt the original a sprite from a Nintendo 64 game?

Ok, I’m not a good spriter, but I can give you a hint here. That model was poorly detailed due to the system it was running on. Thus, if you want to make the sprite look good, you may have to round out edges and make it look more fluid. Does anyone else agree?

yes it is. I wanted to recreate ‘custom robo 64’ sprites into 2-d sprites for a platformer.

I agree, I know i will have to put more detail into it. Unless someone can get me ref pics
of the robos from the GC version of custom robo. If anyone has a ripping program or whatever it is that takes complete models from the GC that would be great! I would start
with Ray 01 with all normal weapons ( gun, pods, bombs ect.)

you could try basing it off of some consept scetches if u can find any :slight_smile:

who was that one guy who ripped ridley from metroid prime? i believe he also ripped parasites or something.

Metroid Menace. He doesn’t post here, you’ll have to find him elsewhere if you really desperately need a model from a game that badly… I would just use some screenshots from the game, though. Daz only got those models from him because they needed uber-accuracy for Space Pirates, parasites, and Ridley… Or at least better accuracy than what they could get with screenshots.

oh, well ill probaly just get some refs off google then. thnks anyway.

That looks good, and it needs alot of work, continue and you get better.

I ahvent worked on it much the past few days, but i plan to now that i have more time.
I finished the foot though, I think the shading is pretty good, but (maybe its just me)
I think it looks a little flat, How could I make it more 3d-ish?

We are allowed double posting for progress right? Well, anyway, i finished the lower leg
segment. And Ill be finishing the upper leg, and starting the left leg. Here it is:

c+c is greatly appreciated.

I don’t believe you’re allowed to double post in the same day. Or… in the same minute, either. You can only double post for progress after a number of days.

oh, sorry :frowning: . What about my sprite? ya like it?

Well… It’s really edgy. They should be a little more rounded off. From playing the GC version, I can tell you without a doubt that they smoothed everything out.

Do you think the shading is good enough?

I… don’t really know what to say about the shading. Sorry.
I guess it’s fine, but… something about it bugs me.

I finished the upper leg, and did the rotations. Tell me if you like 1 or 2 better.

I think the upper leg looks like the phazon armor from omega pirate. :slight_smile:

I think the shading is good, the shaping isnt.

ahh, this isnt my kinda sprite. I need to start with something simpilar. Ill find something.

No, no, no, no, no. It’s not that. You just need to make it smoother. You are making it far too edgy, like the model is. Just smooth the sides/outline out.

edit: But whatever, it’s your sprite. I suppose I can’t tell you what kind of sprite is and isn’t your kind of sprite.